12th Annual day and Montessori graduation ceremony

Date : 28 February, 2020 12th Annual day and Montessori graduation ceremony with a great pride and festivity on the theme “Together We Can”. Parents were delighted to see their wards showcasing their varied talent on stage. The little ones proved it true with different forms of mesmerizing thematic dances depicting different countries around the world like India, Russia, Poland, USA etc. Enthralling was the compering, that weaved the entire culture into a wreath of celebration. The most craved moment of the evening was- “The Graduation Ceremony”, when Mont III students donned the convocation gowns and caps received the ‘Scrolls of Merit’ from the esteemed guest Mr. Indra Vikram Singh (DM Spn). Emotions overwhelmed the parents on seeing their little one’s touching the first milestone of their academic journey. The show concluded with the moral that by being dutiful a common citizen can reflect patriotism and collectively contribute for a big change in society, thus bringing by following the theme “Together We Can”.
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