Patriotic Fervour at Ryan International School, Greater Noida

Date : 01 February, 2020

The 71st Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Ryan International School ,Greater Noida. The students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “ India”. The choir group presented the patriotic song “ Vande Mataram“ .The whole school joined the choir and the song reverberated in the surroundings . It was followed by a beautiful patriotic dance by our young Ryanites of Classes I-II on Jai Ho. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers was spellbinding. Students of Classes III-V demonstrated a captivating aerobic Drill performance with tricoloured balls in their hands.

The entire amphitheater was resplendent in the shades of tricolor. The festivities commenced on a musical note. It was followed by dance which reverberated everyone with the feelings of patriotism. The power and energy exhibited by youngsters was apt as per the occasion and showed their commitment and dedication and assured of a brighter and brilliant future ahead. The Senior Council members and Junior House contingents synchronized their steps to the tune played by the school’s band, displaying team spirit and their pride for the nation during March past. The School Head Ms Sudha Singh addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be Indians. She spoke about the importance of this day in our lives and our country. There are many countries that are democracies but few of them are republic too. India has the distinct advantage of being a democratic republic. The Principal emphasized on the need for student’s participation and in feeling proud of being Indian. Our ancestors have contributed immensely in handing over this beautiful free country to us. It is our responsibility to preserve its freedom and take it to the epitome of glory and hand it over to the next generation. She told that children that they have enough talent and determination to set for and achieve goals for themselves with courage, strength and tenacity. They can strive to reach to the stars. Sky is the limit for themselves. She also emphasized that it was not a one-day celebration, but patriotism should be in our hearts all the time all day. Everyone pledged to uphold the honour, integrity, dignity and uniqueness of our nation.

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