ISRO Exhibition and Demonstration

Date : 12 December, 2020

Space Science is an exciting and thrilling branch of science which attracts everyone. The sheer vastness of it, along with the trillions upon trillions of objects in the many billion galaxies of the universe is almost incomprehensible to the human brain.To enhance the knowledge about space and how our day to day life is dependent on it. ISRO ( Indian Space Research Centre)and RRSC ( Regional Remote Sensing Centre, Nagpur) Dr. D. Surya Prakasa Rao, and Dr. Alok Taori Scientist – SF, RRSC-C / NRSC, ISRO along with their team had been to our school .

A mobile van Exhibition organised where they informed students about different types of satellites, satellite launch vehicles, India’s Remote Sensing Technology, Chandrayan I, II, Mangalyaan and many other endeavours of Indian Space Science. It was followed by prototype model Rocket launching

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