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Dr. Govind B. Nair - Ryan International School, MIDC Nagpur

Dr. Govind B. Nair

The Principal,
St. Xavier’s High School and Junior College, MIDC, Nagpur.
Subject: Letter of appreciation.
Dear Madam,
It gives me immense pleasure to write a letter to you expressing my gratitude to all the teachers of the school, who have nurtured me to develop my potential. Your gracious efforts were responsible in moulding me into my current stature. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. A. F. Pinto and Madam Grace Pinto for providing such a great platform for students like me to come and learn from the well-experienced and knowledgeable teachers. The calm, friendly nature of the teachers equalled with their sense of duty is appreciated by all the students who came all these years. One of the best features that I observed in my teachers is their equal treatment to all types of students. They paid equal attention to all the students and made efforts to uplift the weaker students and motivated them. I thank them all for their selfless efforts on which our bright future was built on. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude from the depth of my heart to all of you for your time, support and patience invested on us students.
Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Govind B. Nair,
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,
Department of Physics
University of the Free State,
Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Dr. Govind B. Nair - Ryan International School, MIDC Nagpur

Srushti Dhotekar

Among the innumerous values the school has added to my life, the biggest one is that I was taught to confidently approach any form of art without a fear of failure. I couldn't have imagined being where I am today, considering the high concentration of media hubs in places far away from Nagpur. I've been living and working out of Mumbai for the past 8 years and am thoroughly grateful to this institution for letting me be a part of enriching experiences, namely BBN, INMUN, SSC camp and the likes, that made me believe I am fully equipped to make a film of my own. To add to that, I remember all our teachers who constantly kept our spirits learning and growing, holistically. My class teacher Mrs. Monica Ratanparj and Principal Mrs. Rajlaxmi will always be beacons of energy and inspiration to me, just as they were, back in my school days. They fostered my sincere belief in mind over matter and mostly in the artist within me, propelling my faith in myself whenever I even remotely thought of giving up.

Aradhana Shirole - Ryan International School, MIDC Nagpur" title="Aradhana Shirole

Aradhana Shirole

I have been a student of this prestigious institution since my Pre-Primary school days , memories of my school days are still fresh because of all the opportunities that I got here not only academically but also in various other fields which helped me grow and build a confident personality. I was the school Speaker and participated in various inter school debates and elocution competitions for which my teachers always encouraged me and guided me as a result of which I bagged gold and silver medals in many of these competitions like the munshi memorial inter school debate competition, annual J.N. Tata parsi inter school extempore competition and eventually got the best orator award(batch 2011-2012). The school also gave us various opportunities to explore career fields before we decide on anything based on our interests , I got to do the T.V. News Presentation and Production Summer Course 2010, conducted by ICEPLEX in Mumbai , securing Grade A which gave me knowledge about journalism.Currently I am a final year law student , Member of my college’s Moot Court Association , participating in various moot courts and looking forward to practicing in the field of law, the base for this was surely build in my school years and I would like to thank all my respected teachers , Principal , Chairman for their constant guidance and strong support. I will always be proud to have been a part of this esteemed Xavier’s Family.

Gautam Gayen - Ryan International School, MIDC Nagpur

Gautam Gayen

St. Xavier's has a history of sending balanced, resilient, successful students to the world and has always believed firmly in moulding and guiding it's students. It's no doubt a different experience learning in there and when the students move out they often become leaders, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, engineers, technicians, instrumentalists, academicians, singers, lawyers, actors and many more !!
It not only provides with various platforms to showcase students abilities and skills but also provisions to learn other soft skills that are highly required in this developing world. Students from this school are empowered, motivated, engaged, confident, curious and ready to take new challenges .
The excellent pedagogy of the teachers and the amazing support received by the extraordinary teachers help the students to enhance their skills and improve with their knowledge. The ability to ask questions, express ideas, think critically and maintain passion for learning will always distinguish a xavierite from others.
I truly believe that the values imbibed in a child at Xavier's of understanding, empathy, connectivity and many more have definitely guided the students throughout their life and helped them to become what they want to.
I also feel highly honoured and obliged to share that not only I studied in this esteemed institute as a student but also I currently work here as a teacher. I too try to impart the same values and morals to the young minds, which I have received from my teachers here. I am totally assured that as like me, my students also feel equally proud for being "Xavierites".

Niharika Anil Pillay - Ryan International School, MIDC Nagpur

Niharika Anil Pillay

I Ms. Niharika Anil Pillay, pass out of batch 2012 from St. Xavier's High School, Hingna Branch, Nagpur.
I am very proud to share my experience with the school. I think i might be the rarest case who was, according to the situation, able to study in all the 3 branches of Nagpur.
I would like to start my journey with a beautiful quote which says "School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside".
My beautiful journey with Xavier's started with the Kindergarten School at Ajni when I was in Lower KG or KG1, then in Grade 1 , I moved to St.Xavier's, Wardhaman nagar branch now known as Hiwri nagar branch. Till grade 5 i was at Hiwri nagar branch then Grade 6 - grade 10 i moved to Hingna branch. So basically.. there is a transition that I was able to have a good connection with my teachers and friends I made during this journey.
About the school, i would like to say it was one of the best schools. whether it may be academics or cultural or sports i was very actively showcase my knowledge, strength and participated with all my 100% efforts.
From a cultural point of view, I was a singer in the school I used to sing prayer songs, national anthem. I used to participate in the competition held at zonal level, inter school level and have also won many titles.From sports, i was a badminton player i represented our school at inter school also played DSO that is district level. I also won 1 prize in running when i was in std 1.From academics, i was an average student and managed to complete all the assigned work. The school has a very good team of principals and very helpful and caring team teachers who have guided me in all phases of my school life.
Special thanks to Chairman Sir and Mam, because of which i got the opportunity to be a part of Xavier's family.
My teachers because of which today i stand proud for my knowledge I share. T – Talented
E – Elegant
A – Awesome
C – Charming
H – Helpful
E – Efficient
R – Receptive
Small quote to describe their hard work :-
If there were no teachers , all other professions would not exist. They are so priceless.
Thanking the school and all once again who all are a part of my life who have moulded me in such a good person.
Good times come and go but the school memories will last forever.
Thank You once again for the good memories which i can cherish in my life.