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Mr. Amit Kumar - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Mr. Amit Kumar

It gives me immense pleasure to share the following feedback for RIS Ambernath. At Ryan International School Ambernath, I have observed my child has grown very well in terms of his academics, interaction skills, being social, caring for everyone and more importantly being responsible for everything he is assigned to. I must mention that all teaching and non-teaching staff have been very co-operative and would especially like to thank all the teachers who have been very skilled and instrumental in children's overall growth. It will be unfair if I do not mention teachers' and school management's extraordinary efforts taken during this challenging time of Covid 19 to provide online classes in true spirit.
All the feedback from parents towards improving the teaching and Non-teaching related aspects have been acted upon very swiftly and made sure the improvement done.
My best wishes are with Ryan International School Ambernath and all its stakeholders.

Mr. Ram Valechha - Ryan International School,Ambernath

Mr. Ram Valechha

Hearty Greetings to Chairman Sir& Managing Committee of Ryan International School.
Being parents of Ryanite kids we feel too glad and very proud to be part of a great education institution where our children get their education. When we first came to know about Ryan International school opening their branch in Ambarnath we were astonished and surprised. Today we are happy on considering our wise decision for choosing Ryan International School, Ladder for our both daughters to climb upon and grab the best from the education world. We are not only happy for the level of education kids are receiving but also thankful for all the joint efforts teachers and school management are putting during this pandemic period. In school also they were learning a lot but in this lockdown period too the teachers are keeping kids actively involved in various online session’s, offline activities and knowledge sharing sessions. Closing our note with big ‘Thanks’ and cheering for every Ryanite Staff.

Ms. Meera Tiwari - Ryan International School,Ambernath

Ms. Meera Tiwari

As far as Ryan international is concerned my child is becoming a knowledgeable thinker, inquirer, collaborator & a very good communicator as well. My child is studying in Ryan International Ambernath, which has value in education. They just do not have academics but a lot of programmes offered not only within, but outside the country too. It really helped my decision of bringing my child to this school because they have learned it through the experiences and the process of learning with which I felt that very basic things in our times which used to be really difficult to pick up, have not taken them much time for them to learn through in this school. I have seen a difference in my child through this learning process. Overall sport activities are good in the school. You may choose with all sorts of sports available. System of offering a different kind of interactive activities is one of its own excellent kinds. Ryan’s curriculum allows them to explore their subjects independently & they are much more confident about their capabilities & able to study independently. Lots of competitions, interschool / interactive sessions, outdoor activities. This is exactly what I wanted in terms of education for my child to be experiencing. The teachers, principal, management team and faculties are very approachable and have been helpful at all times, whole through the year. We are very grateful to this school for the wide spectrum they have provided. Now is the time that I feel my child is grounded, responsible and continuously developing.

Mr. Rahul Hatagle - Ryan International School,Ambernath

Mr. Rahul Hatagle

My Name is Rahul Hatagle and my elder son Mst. Aaron Rahul Hatagle is studying in our Ryan International School, Ambernath. We are so glad & privileged to be a part of the Ryan Family. Our experience has been good so far & we are really pleased with the teachers. They are really professional, polite & prompt. We strongly believe our child’s future is in the safe hands and we certainly foresee a bright future for Ryan International School, Ambernath. May god almighty bless the management, Administrative staff, teaching staff and the students studying in RIS, Ambernath. Best Regards, Rahul Hatagle.

Mr. Jayvijay Bhosale - Ryan International School,Ambernath

Mr. Jayvijay Bhosale

I’m feeling quite proud to write good words about Ryan International School Ambernath. Last year, my ward Ms. Maitreyi Jayvijay Bhosale migrated from Ryan International School Nerul (Navi Mumbai) to your school to join 5th standard. Frankly speaking, we both parents were a little nervous about transfer of Ms. Maitreyi from a much older, bigger school to a relatively newer, smaller school. Due to my frequent transfers, it would be her 5th school in the span of 7 years of education, and smallest in all.
But to my pleasant surprise, in the span of the last one year, she got the best education till now. I noticed a positive change in her attitude towards self-study and her better understanding of every subject. She becomes more responsible in study as well as in personal life too. All teachers of our school are knowledgeable and proficient in their respective subjects. Due to limited students in class, teachers are able to provide personal attention to every child. It helps to build a teacher-student bonding, which is very necessary to create and increase a child's interest in that particular subject.
This year, Maitreyi was eagerly waiting to start a new academic session. But due to an unfortunate pandemic situation, you have shifted to online classes. All teachers are handling these classes very well. Some also came up with innovative ideas like online quizzes to give better understanding of chapters