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Mr. Amit Kumar - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Mr. Amit Kumar

It gives me immense pleasure to share the following feedback for RIS Ambernath. At Ryan International School Ambernath, I have observed my child has grown very well in terms of his academics, interaction skills, being social, caring for everyone and more importantly being responsible for everything he is assigned to. I must mention that all teaching and non-teaching staff have been very co-operative and would especially like to thank all the teachers who have been very skilled and instrumental in children's overall growth. It will be unfair if I do not mention teachers' and school management's extraordinary efforts taken during this challenging time of Covid 19 to provide online classes in true spirit.
All the feedback from parents towards improving the teaching and Non-teaching related aspects have been acted upon very swiftly and made sure the improvement done.
My best wishes are with Ryan International School Ambernath and all its stakeholders.


Ms. Simran Kadam - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Ms. Simran Kadam

I am Miss Simran Kadam Teacher of grade 1 working in Ryan International school Ambernath. It was a wonderful experience to work with Ryan group of Institution. As I am working in Ryan School, every single day which I spent over here was worth it as I learned so many things being in this school. Before also I worked in two schools but Ryan International School is the best as this school helped to be a better teacher. The school always provided guidance wherever I needed. I also got the opportunity to attend various workshops through the school that was really helpful for my teaching career. I can never forget school’s loyalty towards me as school provided me with a salary on time that was motivation for me to work harder for school. Ryan International School is a very good school to work in because of its adaptability as whatever new things come are adapted by school and we get training to adapt new things from our higher authorities. Online sessions are the best example of it. Ryan was the first school to start these sessions and I am happy to say because of proper training I was able to deliver my lectures effectively.
Ryan School also gave me the opportunity to grow by assigning various responsibilities. I am Thankful to Ryan International School for everything. Astounding place to work!

Ms. Ruth Amanna - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Ms. Ruth Amanna

I Ms. Ruth I have been working as a part time music teacher in Ryan international school Ambernath for 6 months and my experience has been great. The head of the school and the staff are very helpful and supportive. Students are very active with good responses and I also enjoy spending time with children. The working environment is good. I got to learn a lot of things which also helped me to develop my teaching skills.

Ms. Maria Doveri - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Ms. Maria Doveri

My journey at Ryan International School Ambernath has been spectacular and overwhelming. The school has a positive vibe that makes it a beautiful shelter for not only students but also for the teachers. Teaching at RYAN international school has been a great experience that I would ever be grateful and thankful to the management. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching by making use of varied learning techniques and activities. The best thing about Ryan International School is every member is treated respectfully. In school our strength is our team work. At any given situation we can seek help from our colleagues and Section Head. Where we work together and we give our best quality of education to our children. My sincere thank you to Ryan group of instructions for accepting me to be a part of their organization.

Ms. Driya Chawla - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Ms. Driya Chawla

While I just started working with Ryan International School Ambernath, I have felt so motivated and empowered to teach. I feel honored to work with such professional and positive people. Ryan International School Ambernath is organized and united under a mission that they truly carry out in the everyday. In my first year as a teacher, I have never felt unsupported or alone; there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice. We work together as a family and try to give the best quality of education to our children.

Ms. Seema Khatri - Ryan International School, Ambernath

Ms. Seema Khatri

Ryan International School helped me to learn and grow. Everyone is supportive and helpful. I am always amused by the way everything is managed. Happy to be a part of this organization.