Field trip to Bank

Date : 13 February, 2020

Students of Grade III and V got a chance to visit Axis bank on 13.02.2109 to learn about the monetary value. The students learnt about working of the ATM machine. They learnt how to swipe the card and enter the PIN and also became aware of how important it is to safeguard the PIN. From there, the students were taken to the main office. In the main office, there were four counters -cash counter, passbook counter, enquiry counter and deposit counter. The manager of the bank had a separate cabin with the access to view each activity of the bank through the camera and the T.V. installed in her cabin. The Bank Manager Ms. Usha Subramaniam informed how to open the bank accounts, filling of pay slip to deposit money, withdrawal of money through cheque. Students were very curious to know about how and where the money is stored and how the ATM machines are refilled. The operation team was quite helpful and provided the students with some practical and hands– on knowledge of basic functionalities. She also answered all the queries put up by the students. Lastly, the young Ryanites thanked the manager by presenting her with the potted plant and came back with lots of information regarding the banking process which they don’t get exposure to in normal days. Overall, it was a knowledgeable trip.

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