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Ms. Anisha Gupta - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms. Anisha Gupta

Currently studying in Indian Institute Of Management, Rohtak The school, the teachers, and the learning had been a game changer for me. I have spent 6 years (5th grade to 10th grade) in Ryan International School, Indore and it has been the most wonderful experience of my life. I find myself so blessed to be a part of the “Ryan family”. The environment in the school has completely converted a bookworm to a person who knows how to socialise. All the teachers, Ms. Pallavi Marar, Ms. Sapna Ramawat, Mr. Ankit Biwal, Ms. Urvashi Gupta have been so supportive and helpful all the time. My class teacher Ms. Yamini Gokhale holds a very special place for helping and guiding me, not only in studies but also in making life decisions. The above were the few to name, each and everyone who are and was a part of Ryan family are very dear to me. Today I am studying in one of the best B schools, Indian Institute of Management. the roots of which were grown in this school. I believe this school educated me in ways which not only shines on my report cards but also on people’s hearts. I would like to thank everyone from the cleaning staff to the principal, and my peers off course, for being so kind to me. I would just like to say the size of the school is compensated by the environment provided by the people there. RIS, Indore proved to be my second home. Thank you

Ms. Deepali Sinha - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms. Deepali Sinha

Currently studying at IIM Indore
Dear Ryan International School,
I have a lot to thank you for. I met some of my best teachers here, who taught me things much beyond the scope of books. School became a second home and teachers became family.
Ryan culture still continues to influence my life. I carry the positive vibes infused in morning assemblies till date. The supportive environment provided by school really helped me grow into a confident individual. Entering school premises still simulates a feeling of belonging. I am reminded of cheerful banter with friends, stern yet kind looks from teachers and big smiles on our faces every time I cross the school building. Thank you for making each and every one of us feel special and cared for.
Deepali Sinha

Mast. Atharva Sabnis - Ryan International School, Indore

Mast. Atharva Sabnis

Currently pursuing Mechanical engineering from Manipal University “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside” a beautiful quote by Lon Watters, which turned out to be veridical for me. I am Atharva Sabnis currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Manipal Institute of technology. I want to extend my gratitude towards Ryan International School for giving me everything inside and out that a student needs in his/her early life. I don’t really remember the things taught in social science 8th grade but I do remember the sense of integrity, discipline and self confidence taught by my teachers. I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being with you in all those years. You all are stand out teachers because of your sheer dedication to your students. This time when I am pursuing a professional degree and get recognized for the values and knowledge I possess, deep inside I believe my school is a major contributor behind my success and achievement. Thank you for great school years and for always going the extra mile. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Ms. Aditi Dixit - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms. Aditi Dixit

Currently studying at NMIMS School of Economics. Research Intern at Bombay Stock Exchange. I had been a student of Ryan Indore for almost five years, and those five years helped me progress by leaps and bounds in my academics as well as my social skills. The Ryan motto, "Excellence in Education and All-Round Development" holds true for me and so many of my peers. Learning in Ryan was not limited to the four walls of the classroom, it was also included in the various clubs and societies that the school had and even in our morning assembly. So many soft skills that I possess today are due to the teachers I had and the excellent non- teaching staff of the school. All in all, I believe that Ryan International School lives up to its motto and will continue to do so in the future due to the efforts and prayers of each and every person which is and was a part of it.

Ms Shristi Singh - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms Shristi Singh

Pursuing CA It’s been 3 years since our batch passed out, yet it feels like the last summer. It is rare to find this degree of reminiscence because not everyone gets the best experience to reap later. I joined Ryan when I was in 1st standard and I have not known any other word than Ryan that could be a better synonym to school. There are a million ways to convey one's gratitude to all the teachers and mentors, yet I reckon holding the memoirs remains the best. Perhaps, I want to congratulate the school for holding its vision of all-round development all well and good as I’ve been experiencing it myself. Sometimes it appears all those years were a pram ride, be it reading the English drama’s in the class or tossing the ball on the ground or orating my heart out with utmost composure and confidence we’ve been held up and led all along. Ryan has truly been amazing for making my core so decisive that I’ve not dreaded at any point of my life to pounce at any opportunity because that’s what I’ve comprehended each day of my school life. The school has been a mould in shaping a brilliant future that one has lately imagined; it has also been a staircase that has led me through.
Lastly, cheers to all the amazing teachers that I’ve had, you’ve been a friend, a guide and above all a mentor who helped me crack the shell. Nothing in this world is completely flawless except your advice which is certainly priceless. Thank you for being exceptionally amazing and fun.