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Mrs. Shilpa Nilesh Patel (Kaira Patel – Mont III) - Ryan International School, Indore

Mrs. Shilpa Nilesh Patel (Kaira Patel – Mont III)

We would like to take a moment and congratulate Ryan International School, Indore and the teachers for the continuous effort and making learning fun in this tough times. This new normal isn’t what the school management and teachers have signed up for, and yet you’re making extra efforts anyway, you’re putting together distance learning plans. You’re adapting your teaching in the blink of an eye and finding interesting ways to teach and make learning more interactive. We would like to once again thank the school management and teachers for their dedication and hard work.


Ms. Yamini Gokhale - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms. YaminiGokhale

Being a part of Ryan has proved to be a great learning experience for me. As the motto of Ryan Says that it focuses on all round development of children but I would say that it also focuses on all round development of teachers too. Every moment spent while working at Ryan has proved to be a great happening for me. Day in and day out I found the shaping of a new me while working at this institution. The Ryan group of institutions provided me a platform to groom my personality. It has taught me to face challenges and achieve my goals. It has instilled the spirit of self-reliance. It has helped me to boost my confidence which is a must for a person’s success. I have observed a positive difference in my life. It provided a different perspective and a context for academic learning, an opportunity to put theory into practice. I have gathered a lifetime experience being a part of the Ryan group.

Ms. Vidushi Rawal - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms. Vidushi Rawal

My grooming experience at Ryan Indore is amazing. I find an all-round development in me as a teacher.
In my teaching career I was finding a place where I can get stability and improve my skills as a teacher.After joining Ryan I feel blessed to be the part of a largest chain of corporate schools. As the time flies I also experience 4 major key improvements in my skills i.e. positive attitude: I became strong minded enough to face any hard obstacles in life. As a teacher we need to face thousands of personalities in a day and for that matter, we should maintain the positive attitude in ourselves.
Polished Body Language: My body language became as fit as possible to maintain a healthy relationship with the whole class. I can stand tall, fit and present myself confidently in front of the class.
Enhanced Communication Skills: I become interactive enough in my class presentations. I offer interactive quizzes to the students so that they could be more creative rather than being academically efficient only. I have the courtesy to talk to parents during their meetings. They should build the trust in the parents so that they think their wards’ future is in safe hands.
Tech-savvy: I became Tech-savvy and able to create positive environments where students are more engaged and find learning enjoyable. Now as the coronavirus pandemic is widespread all over the world, most of the schools are planning to start more formal distance learning programs in April, after their spring break. In the meantime, Ryan teachers became creative and successfully able to keep students engaged and learning after campuses shut down in March.

Ms. Sunita Chourasia - Ryan International School, Indore

Ms. Sunita Chourasia

I Sunita Chaurasia have been working here at Ryan Indore since the beginning. I feel proud to be a part of the Ryan family. Ryan has provided me with lots of opportunities to groom myself. As here I have improved myself at various aspects. I have learnt how to deal with different minds, inculcate values in the young minds and how to care for tender hearts. Ryan has provided me the opportunity to conduct various events , learnt management skills, emerged as techno savvy, a confident speaker, good teacher and above all a good human being.

Harsha Ramani

Harsha Ramani

The opportunity I have got at Ryan has been highly instrumental in evolving me as a better person and teacher. Spending time with students and learning various insights are the highlights of my job. The teaching profession is all about how you make the task interesting and the Ryan Group of Institutions allows us to make our job fascinating in the company of students and other teachers.

Mona Arora - Ryan International School, Indore

Mona Arora

I feel really proud to be a part of Ryan Group of Institutions. In the past 9 years, this Institution has upgraded me a lot. I have learnt to face new challenges and learnt team work. The Institution has made me very confident. I feel really proud to be a teacher at Ryan group of Institutions.