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Life at Ryan

Life at Ryan - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon

The Ryan Group of Schools understands that parents want the best for their child, and that’s why RIS is all about giving your child a quality life. From a strong academic foundation to the development of your child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality, the Ryan way is about holistic development in its true sense.

KASSM – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social and Moral Values defines Ryan International Group of Institutions. Along with the sound knowledge and the wisdom to use it constructively, this is what provides the differential factor to our students.

We provide a learning environment that is adaptable and flexible, facilitating potential changes in the higher education pattern. Our 47+ years of academic excellence are an open testimonial one can refer to.

Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon

INMUN is a student run simulation of the United Nations initiated by the Ryan Group of Institutions that started in 2001. INMUN is also India’s longest running Model United Nations Conference.

INMUN gives students an opportunity to play the role of diplomats who represent various UN member nations, addressing specific issues of current interest through debate and negotiation, and attempting to resolve regional and international problems.

1000+ participants from over 90 schools across Asia-Pacific over the past 17 years embraced the spirit of the UN charter and learnt the art of diplomacy, public-speaking, lobbying and crisis response.

INMUN has witnessed participation from several National and World Leaders - Mr. Shashi Tharoor, MP- Lok Sabha; Madam Kiran Bedi - Social Activist; H.E. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag - Ambassador of Norway to India; H.E. Mr. Riho Kruuv- Ambassador of Estonia to India, and many more.

World Scholar’s Cup is an academic decathlon challenging young minds, a celebration of the joy of sharing, an enrichment opportunity, unlike the traditional academic competitions, that motivates students not just to demonstrate their existing strengths but to explore new ones.

The Ryan Group has the distinction of bringing the World Scholar’s Cup to India. With over 1500 participants, Ryan Group hosted the largest ever regional round in Mumbai and was the only Indian school to qualify at the regional round held at Singapore competing with over 100 of the best schools from 30 countries.

Experiential Learning

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon

We believe in experiential learning that drives the process of experiential teaching-learning at Ryan International Schools and Educational Exchange Programs, that help students reinforce the concepts learnt in classrooms.

The programs listed below are structured Student Exchange Programs which involve students and teachers in cross-disciplinary global learning environments. Students learn by experiencing what cannot be taught, and benefit from synthesising the viewpoints, ideologies, and frames of reference of diverse co-participants and mentors.

  • Thames Valley Summer School, London
  • Global Young Leader Conference, New York
  • World Children’s Theatre Festival, Germany
  • Indo-Finnish Cultural Exchange Program, Finland
  • Educational Tours – France, Spain and Belgium

Hundreds of Ryanites across India visit the prestigious National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), United States to understand advances in technology and take part in hi-tech experiments like rocketry and satellite space payloads.

With our vision to ‘Cultivate one Million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’, Atal Innovation Mission is establishing Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs) in schools across India. ATLs aim to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in students, and inculcate skills such as design perspective, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.

20 schools under the banner of Ryan Group have been shortlisted to set up ATLs in the school premises. The ATL representatives at Ryan Schools conduct different activities ranging from regional and national level competitions, exhibitions, workshops on problem solving, designing and fabrication of products, lecture series etc. at periodic intervals./p>

The Atal Tinkering Lab of Ryan International School, Greater Noida, is featured in the Limca Book of Records for participating in an e-waste awareness and collection drive, by collecting 245kg of e-waste, along with 15 other schools collecting a total of 3,107 kgs of e-waste. The event was organised by Grey Sim Ltd in collaboration with 15 Atal Tinkering Labs.

At Ryan, we place a strong emphasis on value-based education. To incorporate this learning philosophy, we constantly train our students to understand social issues and undertake remarkable initiatives to address them as responsible global citizens.

The Ryan Group of Schools regularly organises social awareness drives based on Environment, Health Care, Economic Empowerment, Women Empowerment, and Local Leadership Development and has been at the forefront of many plantation drives and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan with active participation from the Ryan community.

Ryan Group’s initiative, Food Bucket Challenge, had 3,00,000 students and parents participating to collect and distribute 7,50,000 kg of food to over 1,00,000 underprivileged children. The World’s Largest Charity Donation of 205,122 items of clothing for the poor, put Ryan Group of Schools into the Guinness Book of World Records.

  • Contextualised curriculum
  • Facilitator led programme delivery
  • Real entrepreneurial projects
  • Programme milestone – celebration of skills learned


Media Studies

MEDIA STUDIES - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon

In 2008, RIS launched Ryan TV with the aim of equipping the students with skills to explore and realise their multiple talents in media and video production.

Ryan TV carries out various media courses for students in

  • Content creation for video production
  • Post production work in short films
  • Advertising
  • TV News Journalism

Ryan TV also initiated the Iceplex Ad Film Awards (IAFA) which is the world’s First Online Ad-Film making contest for students in the 11 to 21 age group. Students can express their ideas, thoughts, views in a very special way by making a one-minute Public Service Awareness Ad-Film.


SPORTS - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon

At Ryan, we firmly believe that participation in sports is an essential part of the learning process. We build the ecosystem for sports and physical development for children. This includes equipment, specialists, tournaments, physical infrastructure, national and international associations, and sports exchange programs.

We collaborate with the best in the country like TENVIC- Cricket Coaching with Anil Kumble, Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy, Junior NBA, La Liga etc. along with organising various sports camps and tournaments at the local and national level.

We train our students in Cricket, Swimming Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Rugby, Martial Arts - Karate, Judo, Taekwondo

SPORTS - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon(2) - Ryan Group

The Ryan International Sports Club organises various sports camps and tournaments at the local and national level and Ryan Minithon is one of them. It is India’s largest and oldest event of its kind, and started way back in the year 2000. The event sees participation from over 20,000 students across the country.

Creative Arts

CREATIVE ARTS - Ryan International School, Sector 40 , Gurgaon

The International Children's Festival of Performing Arts (ICFPA) was launched in 2000 with an aim to create an international platform for young people to perform, unite, exchange ideas and explore the medium of dance, drama, puppetry and various other genres of performing arts.

10,000+ students across 45 countries from 100+ schools gain first-hand experience of Indian Culture by attending workshops on traditional Indian arts and dances, living with host families, participating in folk-dances, theatre acts and contemporary dance performances.

As India's biggest children’s festival, ICFPA has spread its roots far and wide, with more Asian, African and European countries joining us year after year. ICFPA is held at different venues in India: Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, to name a few!

School education is no longer synonymous with classrooms alone; it is much more than that. The true essence of education is to nurture life-long learners. The idea is to make them contributing citizens for the good of the nation and the society at large.

Social Service Teen Camp is one such exciting and cherished episode in a student's life at Ryan that helps them deepen their maturity, broaden their horizons and enhance their leadership.

It is a teen fest filled with great fun and camaraderie and of creating life-long memories. Over 15,000 senior students from Ryan Schools across India come in batches, to showcase their talents in creative arts - music, dance, photography, painting, drama; learn life skills and develop their communication and overall personality.

Ryan International Sports Club organises various sports camps and tournaments at the local and national level and Ryan Minithon is one of them. It is India’s largest and oldest event of its kind. Started way back in the year 2000. The event sees participation from over 20,000 students across the country.