Republic Day

Date : 26 January, 2019 Ryan International School, Sector-40, Gurugram celebrated the 70th Republic Day with all its solemnity and grandeur. The event showcased the pride taken in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of democracy and unity. The school echoed with patriotic fervour as the children indulged in a plethora of activities designed to mark the national occasion. The activities commenced right from the beginning of the month when the students wrote their wish on Tricolour cut-outs of a flag on the topic ‘My India My Pride’ to embellish the Wishing Tree in their classrooms. A plethora of activities were organized for the students to enhance the glory of this auspicious occasion. Young patriots from class III drew the National Symbols of our country on A4 size sheets and proudly displayed them in their classes. Ryanites from class IV participated in the Declamation Competition on the topic ‘Rights and Duties go hand in hand’ and emphasized that before we claim our rights we must render our duties towards the Nation. Ryanites from class V learnt about the Preamble of our Constitution and wrote it in their scrapbook. The celebration was at its peak on 26th January when the school organised a Special Assembly to mark the 70th Republic Day. The event was graced by the presence of Col. Surender Monga (Chairman, Sovereign Crafts Limited) and Arjun Awardee Mr. Raj Kr. Sangwan (Deputy Chairman, Selection Committee, Boxing Federation of India) The day started in patriotic ambience with prayers rendered for our country’s progress, unity and security along with prayer songs and patriotic medley. The guest of honour along with the School Head Ms. Shivali Sharma hoisted the National flag. The cabinet members and the four houses, namely: Mahatma Gandhi house, Indira Gandhi house, Jawaharlal Nehru house and Sarojini Naidu house saluted and pledged themselves to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of their Nation. The guests of honour were warmly accorded a sincere welcome with welcome address in five languages followed by a peppy welcome dance. The young Ryanites added to the patriotic fervour with a role-play and dramatization on ‘The Framing of the Constitution’ which highlighted the contributions and sacrifices made by the hearts that everyone remembers with deep regard. Further, the extremely talented Ryanites proved their talent on wheels with an enchanting Skating performance ‘India on the Move’ followed by Nukkad Natak on ‘Sarv Siksha Abhiyan’. Class III students displayed different Indian state tableaus and showcased the culture and heritage of each one of them. The performances were deeply appreciated by the guests who encouraged the Ryanites to put forth their best in everything they do. The day also honoured the team of Young Green Warriors and National Science Safety Club (NSSC). The achievers were felicitated for their hard work & commitment by spreading environmental, road safety, fire safety and disaster management awareness in the society. The ceremony showcased the efforts of the school in making future leaders by instilling in them confidence, discipline and leadership qualities. The presence of parents in the ceremony was really motivational for the students. The esteemed guests motivated the students through their inspiring words and touched the hearts of the spectators. The guests were thoroughly impressed by the show which showcased the Ryanites talents in various spheres. They praised the Ryanites and encouraged them to continue to work with the same enthusiasm and zeal. The celebration was a reflection of India’s cultural diversity and the melange of activities conducted, creating an atmosphere of national pride. The extravaganza highlighted the distinctive features of our nation and motivated one and all to respect the heterogeneity that our country so proudly kindles. While providing the Ryanites a platform to showcase their calibre and talents, the activities also supported respected Chairman Sir Dr. A. F. Pinto’s vision to help the children understand that it is imperative for them to understand and protect the diversified heritage and legacy inherited from our forefathers while earnestly fulfilling their duties towards the nation. The celebrations came to an end with a spectacular Patriotic dance performance. The young Ryanites added to the patriotic fervour with a dance performance called ‘Grand Finale’ and got the audience grooving. The rhythmic performance by the Ryanites filled everyone’s hearts with colours of patriotism. The day ended with a heartfelt thanks to the esteemed guests for honouring us with their presence
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