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Dr. Abha Sonakiya - Ryan International School, Gondia

Dr. Abha Sonakiya

St. Xavier’s High School, Gondia is the second home for my child and staff as a family member. As a parent I too feel as a part of Xavier’s. The way the teacher enlighten there students illuminate their world, which students would realize when they get success in future life. The academic and extra curricular activities which is special style here at Xavier’s, make their all round personality development. In my opinion facilities like interstate school competition, BBN, INMUN, NASA Visit, Teen Camp which exist only and only at Xavier’s. So I feel that my child’s features are in safe hands.
Isha Manish Mahawadi - Ryan International School, Gondia

Isha Manish Mahawadi

On behalf of all the parents and students. I’d like to congratulate you all for the fantastic changes and opportunities the foundation has provided to all our kids. I’d like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation and everyone else’s to the work and the effort that you have put to take the school into the next level. In addition, a significant number of parents have reported that their children have become more relaxed and confident to discuss their school at home. Your philosophy of enhancing the school life clearly paid off. Please proceed with your improvement plans. We are all very appreciative of what you have accomplished and we look forward to more success which we know that you are indeed very much capable of.