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Mr. Vaibhav Gupta (2015-16) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Mr. Vaibhav Gupta (2015-16)

I didn't want to just study, I wanted to follow my hobbies and for that I wanted exposure, and Ryan my alma mater has always given me such platforms. I like to compete and express myself. Ryan gave what I wanted. It was a perfect engine for the bogies of my aspirations. I got more than I expected. My teachers helped me to explore other capabilities in me and helped me to hone my talents. I had a wonderful life at Ryan.

Ms. Simran Sharma (2014-15) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Simran Sharma (2014-15)

My 12 years of studying at Ryan International School, Ghaziabad have been nothing short of a dream. My experience had it’s shares of ups and downs but looking back at it I only remember the good times I had with my teachers and friends. Ryan gave me an opportunity to sail forward with my dreams whether it is through Model UNs or other National and International events. I am sure that the experience my school has given me will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Ms. Fiza Jain - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Fiza Jain (2015-16)

I am the proud Ryanite and a chosen child of God, Fiza Jain. Presently I am a student of International journalism at Cardiff University, UK, wherever I had been, whether it is Fergussonor Cardiff, I could find the members of my Ryan family there. Ryan has actually groomed me as a better person who is now ready to take the challenges in my stride even at the global level.My presence as a Ryanite is well recognised at Cardiff University. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my beloved Chairman Sir who has always treated me as a queen in the making and Director Madam for her motivational words during the teen camp and farewell ceremony.I am indeed indebted for the various courses which include BBN, World Scholar’s Cup,Teen Camp and INMUN, actually everyday was a day of learning and 15 thousand miles away from my alma mater, I wish to pay my regards and love to the entire Ryan fraternity.

Mr. Yashu Rastogi (2007-08) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Mr. Yashu Rastogi (2007-08)

Schooling provides a strong foundation for a successful future. Ryan International School, Ghaziabad gave a rock start exposure to my all round development in my life through the activities and competitions. The school polished and enhanced my creativity, oratory, drama, thinking, problem solving skills and also gave me global exposure in the International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts wherein we got an opportunity to interact with delegates from various countries and I gained confidence and exchanged cultural flavours with them. I really thank my beloved Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam Dr Grace Pinto for giving us such a wonderful platform to share my wishes and lead the team during the events in which we were involved. I owe everything to my school and my mentors today, whatever I am, is because of my teachers’ motivation and blessings. I am really the blessed one.
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Mr. Ryan Philips (2017-18) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Mr. Ryan Philips (2017-18)

The Ryan group of Institutions is indeed an ecosystem of individuals that help each other flourish and build themselves. The 12 years that I spent as a part of the ‘Ryan family’ were remarkably the best in my life, and have shaped me into the individual that I am now. There isn’t enough credit I could ever give to my Alma mater for the enriching academic and extra-curricular opportunities, I found here and could grow on, and I truly fill up with pride as I call myself a Ryanite.