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Dr. Gagan Varshneyg - Ryan International School, Dasna

Dr. Gagan Varshney

As an educator and a parent I am very pleased with Ryan International School, Ghaziabad for the method of teaching and truly delighted with how much children are embraced, nurtured and well supported by teachers and staff. It’s great to see our children enjoy learning in all directions.
Thanks Ryan
Dr. Gagan Varshney
HOD of Computer Science Department
IMS College, Ghaziabad
Father of Himanshi Varshney, XII B


Ms. Shantwana Singh Shukla (PGT - English) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Shantwana Singh Shukla (PGT - English)

Ryan is a blessing of Lord almighty in my life. It is the best place to work as a teacher, with such a wonderful work culture where, the management, the administration and my colleagues are greatly supportive. The level of care and trust that makes me feel loved, supported, and cheered on is a treasure beyond measure. The work environment is congenial, harmonious and full of positivity, where we work together as a team with an attitude of gratitude to ensure that our students get the best quality of education and community. Ryan has a unique culture which has given me ample scope to exhibit my own creativity, enhancing my potential through the responsibilities that I handle each and every day. I get ample opportunities to learn and grow along with my children. Each day I feel motivated and empowered. I am privileged and honoured to be a Ryanite. My heart brims with gratitude to my honourable mentors. God bless my school!

Ms. Neeti Batra (TGT - Social Science) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Neeti Batra (TGT - Social Science)

It is a matter of pride to be a Ryanite. It provides a global platform to all it’s teachers. Each day is a day of great learning here. We are trained through several in-house training sessions and workshops, to take care of our students and groom them as all rounders. I got international exposure by training my students to do research work and making the country profile for the MUN. It has been a great learning experience for me which, otherwise I would have never got in my life before involving myself in the ISA project by British Council. I got the chance to be in charge of the Olympic Games where I learnt about the rules and regulations of many sports brought out my sportsmanship and enhanced my knowledge. I also got the chance to take my children for a media course BBN, at Mumbai, where I myself learnt camera handling and TV anchoring with my students which was a wonderful experience. I am sure that no other school gives such opportunities to the teachers which enrich and empower them.

Ms. Vandana Rastogi (PGT - Psychology) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Vandana Rastogi (PGT - Psychology)

I am specially blessed by god as I got an opportunity to work in this wonderful institution. I came with the mindset that teachers are meant to teach children but in this journey I explored different dimensions of my own personality as a teacher, singer, dancer, cook, gardener and so on. I am thankful to my management that they provided different induction programs, activities, and work opportunities which helped me become more and more passionate about my work. Our respectable Chairman Sir always inspires us to be a blessing to our home, society and our own self. He inspires us to break our own barriers by making a conscious effort whether it is in the field of research, in the field of talent, giving us the confidence that we really did well and contributed towards nation building.

Ms. Neelima Batra (PGT - Biology) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Neelima Batra (PGT - Biology)

I am grateful to Lord Almighty who blessed me with an opportunity to be a part of Ryan family. The school has helped me to integrate human values, life skills and technological pedagogy. It has enabled me to become a progressive leader aiming towards the development of the most sought after global citizens. Working closely with the staff in a team oriented approach, has honed my interpersonal and collaborative skills. The main focus at Ryan is application based learning. As a teacher I get immense support to use the innovative instruction strategies and integrate technology, to enhance student learning. I have developed managerial skills by being a part of many national and international events. Ryan has made me more confident, passionate and creative. I am thankful to Chairman Sir Dr. Augustine F. Pinto and our Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto who have always inspired me to face challenges and make a mark as a proud teacher of Ryan International School.

Ms. Venkatalakshmi Mohan (PGT - Computer Science) - Ryan International School, Dasna

Ms. Venkatalakshmi Mohan (PGT - Computer Science)

I am always proud to say that I am a member of the Ryan family. This is the institution which identified my talents and enhanced my capabilities. Earlier I worked with other institutions where I focused only on academics but here I am a versatile teacher. I am not only a teacher, but also a learner who is always eager to explore and learn new things in life. Everyday, I face challenges and learn new techniques which make me a dynamic leader. I designed many formats which were approved by the school Principal and motivated me to formulate new pedagogies for my students and colleagues. I have been made the incharge of Social media and other technicalities which encouraged me to initiate intra school technical event TechXplore. Ryan identified my passion of teaching and moulded me, through workshops, which made me a very good computer teacher. I am happy and blessed to work for my children at Ryan.