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Aakaash Kapoor (UG from UC DAVIS, Computer Sciences) - Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj

Aakaash Kapoor (UG from UC DAVIS, Computer Sciences)

The school’s motto of all round development really affected me a lot and shaped me into who I am today. By allowing students like me to participate in music, art and cultural events the school really showed me that there is more to life than just education. Additionally, the various skills I learned from school including time management and public speaking have really helped me in my professional career. The confidence I gained from leading various school assemblies has really allowed me to express myself to others, wherever I go. With the help of my supporting school staff, I was able to go through my toughest times smoothly and gracefully. I owe a lot to this school and I am proud to be a Ryanite.

Saurabh K Sateesh (one of the first Mechatronics engineers in Indiaj - Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj

Saurabh K Sateesh (one of the first Mechatronics engineers in India)

I passed out of Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj in 2013. Since, then I have been one of the first Mechatronics engineers in India and I am currently pursuing PGPM in Marketing Analytics. I’ve already been placed in Newgen Software Technologies Limited.I joined Ryan International School when I was 11 and I feel lucky enough that I did because of the sole reason that what I have become today is just the outcome of one person’s vision of “All Round Development ''. This school allowed me to go out of my comfort zones and cross limits and to learn from everything I did. I consider myself to be a multitasking person, I wasn’t born with this talent, it was Ryan International School which infused this trait in me by giving me opportunities to shine my talent, develop newer ones and keeping a tab on my curriculum at the same time. Today, I have a job as a Senior Executive in one of the major global players in the technology sector. I believe that it has a lot to do with my work at college handling over placements of 700 plus students and contacts with over 300 Indian and international firms. I can proudly say that without the operations at Ryan International School, guided by Chairman sir, Dr. A. F. Pinto’s vision, I would have never been able to achieve what I have achieved today.

Sumant Sahney (Software Engineer at Microsoft)

Sumant Sahney (Software Engineer at Microsoft)

I spent 14 years of my life at Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj. I couldn't have asked for a better school. Right from the start, the school has aimed at the overall growth of a student. Ryan has a state of the art infrastructure accompanied by highly experienced, intellectual and supportive faculty. Ryan did a splendid job by inculcating the ability in me to learn and build strong foundational knowledge provided by them. The learner-centric atmosphere in Ryan not only trained us in the academic curriculum but also motivated us. Ryan not only focused on providing the best education but also encouraged us to participate in extracurricular activities. Inter-Ryan and Inter-house events which were hosted by the school taught us how to work better in a team and face a challenge. I sincerely thank chairman sir and the faculty for nurturing me and making me the person I am today. Thank you Ryan for everything !

Shambhawi Satyam (Delhi University) - Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj

Shambhawi Satyam (Delhi University)

Ryan International School provides enough opportunities to every student and it is up to the individual how one grabs it. The academic experience with a world class infrastructure and excellent faculty at Ryan made me the person I am today. To start with, it helped me to be a part of Delhi University, one of the leading Universities in India. During my high school years, I was inspired by the student Council who took their leadership as well as their portfolios seriously. The seeds to pursue a career in the Indian Bureaucracy were sown here as I actively wanted to be an agent of change. When I faltered in life while attempting the Civil Services Exams I had a chance meeting with our mentor , principal Mrs. Anuradha Sharma ma’am and vice principal Mrs. Arti Bahadur ma’am for some career guidance. The willingness of teachers at Ryan to offer a helping hand has made me a part of the Ryan family once again. Being offered an opportunity to teach social science to generation Z is helping me grow professionally and personally. As an IAS aspirant I seek to transform society and the stride I’ve made towards achieving it is by motivating more than 200 students in planting tree saplings which is the need of the time in order to save the environment. This teaching opportunity brings clarity of thought, knowledge, confidence, courage, and empowerment to me and my goals. I truly am grateful to my alma mater.

Chaitenaya Goel (VIT Velore) - Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj

Chaitenaya Goel (VIT Velore)

I’ve been a part of Ryan International School from elementary school right up to senior secondary. It's safe to say that I spent my entire childhood in Ryan. In today’s rapidly changing competitive world, the key to becoming successful is wholesome growth. Ryan’s motto “Excellence in education and all round development” is a testament to its mission and vision. Ryan International provides students endless opportunities to hone their talent and develop an arsenal of skills. It changed my life entirely and helped transform me into the best version of myself. Today I am not just an engineer but also an accomplished Research Author, a member of several International Professional Societies including IET and the Rotaract. Believe it or not, as a child I was an introvert. Because of the constant encouragement, mentoring and support of the teachers today I have achieved the milestone of becoming Secretary General of VITTUC. I give wholehearted credit to Ryan’s RISMUN and INMUN initiatives, which provided me with invaluable exposure and international outlook. Our Chairman Sir’s vision to develop character, leadership skills, entrepreneurial mind-set and the visualization to become a global citizen has been foundational to my wholesome progress. My experience of studying at Ryan has been amazing – the school is responsible for shaping my career and character. The best part was the teachers – they were friends, mentors and educators – all at the same time. The support and guidance I received from them has shaped my life, and I am utterly grateful to Ryan International School for that.


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