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Mrs. & Mr. Verma

Mrs. & Mr. Verma

Exactly 11 years ago my son first stepped foot on the resplendent and the sprawling campus of the venerable institution of Ryan International School quite oblivious for what would lie ahead. Writing this intimation now at This particular moment indeed is procreating a stringent nostalgia in him. I am delighted to share my son's experience at Ryan International School which in no exaggeration has been inexplicable. He had always been a shy and a reserved kid who just admired reading excessively. Consequently, he was teased by many of his batchmates and classmates. However his teachers recognised his potential and over the course of time provided him with innumerable opportunities to enrich his personality and be ready to face challenges and eventually circumvent them. His school has taught him to learn, to apply, to impart and above all to dream which is the most essential action of any individual. Yes, here he is taught to dream and to never stop himself from doing it. He has had the privilege of representing his school at various competitive levels and activities and have been a solid academic performer all of which is a consequence of a faculty that is caring and inclusive and a management which is phenomenal. We, his family dreamt of an ideal education for him and RYAN has brought it to fruition. I am indebted to call this school his second home and I am optimistic that he will always be welcome here.


Anu Mehta

Anu Mehta

Ryan international school is not just about a school, it is indeed a temple of learning - for students, teachers and everyone associated with it. Here we work like a family- we work with each other, trusting each other, and putting efforts to achieve goals. This team work has always resulted in us emerging as leaders in every field. The walls of these institutions have raised multiple leaders globally that bring constant glory to its name. As educators of this institution ,we have seen our efforts blossom year by year by working with every new batch even harder. We believe in our students and we instill in them the qualities that will make them stand out in the crowd. With opportunities knocking from diverse fields, we ,the mentors work to identify the hidden potential, to build confidence and to make them achieve their goals.
I, personally, have put constant efforts to inculcate scientific temper in students by making science a lifestyle and not limited to books. The investigatory project is not just a project but a way to familiarize students with how chemistry is present in tiny things around them and what to learn from it. As educators, we always work so that our students acquire the right knowledge, understand its importance, learn to use it efficiently and develop a scientific approach towards life. I give them regular assignments, keep a tap on their progress, and monitor their efforts to eventually make them do well in their exams at all stages. The results of our efforts have shined bright in boards and various competitive exams. And our students have made it to premier institutes of the nation and world. Ryan, after producing leaders ,stand tall as their alma mater and is always present to guide them whenever and wherever needed i.e. just like a family this is a bond made for forever . It is an honour for us to work for such an institution.

Gail Ouseph Tyrone

Gail Ouseph Tyrone

I have been a teacher at Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj for the last Twenty Two years. I truly believe that RISVK, is one of the finest schools in Delhi providing quality education and all round development to children along with values of integrity and character. I feel fortunate to be teaching at a school that I love! The care and trust that the administration has in its teachers is unique and special. Teachers feel motivated and empowered to be innovative and implement new ideas and methodologies to enhance the teaching learning process. What makes RISVK a special school is that it is not only a school, a place for learning, but it is also a home in many ways. The administration, teachers, parents and students are all part of the Ryan Family and have a connection that unites them all- the vision of our respected Chairman Sir, A.F Pinto to see every Ryanite as a King or Queen in the making. What has particularly impressed me in my long association with RISVK, is that the school with its vision and team of caring and professional faculty, has been able to make a winner of every student placed under its care. I have seen the weakest student in his or her journey of fourteen years at Ryan slowly build confidence, self-esteem, discover talent, hone skills and truly emerge as a King or Queen in the making. Another striking feature of RISVK, is preparing the student for service to the community. Students along with teachers, work and implement various projects at the community level which has helped to instill core values in every student so that they remain vigilant to the call of their conscience.As a teacher, I have always been supported and encouraged by my superiors to grow as an educator and a person. Language learning is like a sport… you only get better with practice. As an English teacher I am committed to making my classes fun and engaging for the students by including drama, music, movies games and presentations thus enabling the student to learn the four fold skills of language.It has been a wonderful experience working with a professional and positive team and also an extremely satisfying experience to see our students emerge as confident, compassionate and responsible citizens who will be the harbingers of a new tomorrow.

Dipasree Bhattacharjee

Dipasree Bhattacharjee

Both of my sons are enrolled in Ryan, the school was very different from the other schools and we were proud parents. Soon it was my turn to join the school as a teacher, as I wanted to give something back what it had given to me. I joined Ryans in 2000. Here, I learned new ways to conduct classes. All modern innovative methodologies were in practice. It was fun teaching. There were many events happening in school – all first timers,- the INMUN, the Children’s Festival, the Food Bucket Challenge. I saw the school growing from strength to strength. I learnt so many things as a teacher, being a part of all of this. It was an eye opener,-how children are given opportunities to hone their skills. I enjoyed every bit. It has been my home away from home. I am thankful to Ryans as it has given me the opportunity to grow and my kids, a great foundation .I have received a lot of love from my students and my dear colleagues. My sons have moved onto higher studies in foreign shores.
As I continue my journey, I pray that Ryan International School reaches its pinnacle in imparting education to many more children like mine and make their parents proud.

Neelu Manchanda - Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj

Neelu Manchanda

I wanted to take a moment to express my profound love and respect for Ryan International School Vasant Kunj as I approach my 22nd year as a primary teacher here.

Throughout my time at this esteemed institution, I have the growth of a nurturing and inspiring community. This institution has been a second home for me, a place where I've poured my heart and soul into shaping young minds.

The journey has been filled with countless memories and milestones. I've had the privilege of working with dedicated colleagues, supportive parents, and, most importantly, the incredible students who have brightened my days with their curiosity and enthusiasm. Together, we have created a nurturing environment that fosters both academic excellence and personal growth.

The values and principles instilled here have not only shaped our students but have also profoundly impacted my own life. I've learned the importance of patience, empathy, and the transformative power of education.

As I reflect on the past 22 years, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunities and experiences I've had at this school. I look forward to continuing this journey, working alongside my amazing colleagues, and continuing to nurture the young minds that come through our doors.

I have deepest appreciation for the entire management of Ryan group of institutios for their unwavering support and encouragement. My love and respect for this institution runs deep, and I am excited about the future that would be created.

I earnestly wish for many more years of making a positive difference in the lives of our students.

Pratima Bhutani - Ryan International School, Dasna

Pratima Bhutani

The Ryan Group of Instititutions are playing a pivotal role in shaping the young minds of the nation .They are the game changers in the field of education merging knowledge, academics, skill, science moral values with an all round personality development of a child, from early years. They are committed to excellence in education, sports, performing arts along with a wide range of extra curricular activities for a bright future of next generation. The Ryan Group of Schools nurtures a philosophy where every educator and learner feels motivated and empowered as we are provided with the latest learning teaching pedagogies to teach and learn effectively and optimally.

The general environment, continuous inhouse trainings, regular interactions of students with industry heads keeps the mentors and learners aptly supported and equipped Over the past 15 years, I have experienced a spectacular journey as an educator at Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj where I have been a mother teacher for the tender grade 2 students to give them a firm foundation in the language and mathematical skills. I feel immensely fortunate to be able to mould fresh minds and ignite in them a constant quest for knowledge. I feel privilege to be an integral part of this proficient and progressive workforce where I was trusted with many projects at various levels, which I have been able to deliver successfully. At Ryan‘s, I found myself doing what I love to do, staying true to what I strongly believe in and above all I could see myself as a passionate learner with new opportunities to learn each and every day. The unconditional love that children shower, the friendliness and warmth in the air, the innocent smiles, sparkling eyes of simple faces and an adulation for their teacher is what keeps me going year after year.


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