World Health Day

Date : 22 April, 2019

A Special Assembly on the occasion of World Health Day started with lots of fun filled exercises keeping the Vision Point of “Values and Healthy Living” given by our Respected Chairman Sir, Dr. A.F. Pinto, and Managing Director, Madam Dr. Grace Pinto. A Puppet Show was presented by the teachers focusing on healthy living and eating habits, such as washing hands before and after eating lunch, brushing teeth twice a day, nail care, drinking milk, eating fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Children were also told not to eat too much junk food like burgers, pizza, cold drinks, etc. Children from Std. III to V spoke about healthy habits. Children were dressed up beautifully in costumes representing various fruits and vegetables. The purpose of this day was to make children aware of good health and healthy food habits. The importance of having a healthy diet, doing exercises daily and staying fit were the most prominent subjects within the assembly. A short quiz was also organized, and the entire event was enjoyed by everyone.

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