Health & Safety

Child Protection

We have created a reassuring environment for all learners by implementing best practices in Child Protection (Safeguarding) area adequately supported by stringent staff hiring norms, background checks, creating awareness in all stakeholders about prevention of child abuse and nurturing an environment of trust which empowers learners to report concerns confidently.

School complying with all relevant child protection laws and regulations applicable in the state.

  • School have policies that ensure zero tolerance to bullying, corporal punishment and any other forms of abuses.
  • Schools have dedicated committees for Health Safety & child Protection, Anti-bullying and Internal compliances.
  • Roles and responsibilities on child safeguarding are defined for everyone working for the institution.
  • Training and sensitization programs on Child protection principles for all the staff and service providers.
  • Background and police verification of all the staff and service providers in the school.
  • Child support and engagement through the school counsellor for any safeguarding concerns.
  • Programs conducted on Personal Safety, Life Skills & Sexuality for our students through external agencies.

Safeguarding practice improvement reviews are conducted periodically to measure the child protection culture of the institution.


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