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A true jewel of the Ryan Group, Ryan International School Mayur Vihar started all the way back in 1991. Since then, our has reached a leadership position as one of the most sophisticated learning institutions for students across all of East Delhi. The school operates by fully adhering to the CBSE curriculum through all class levels and the exact directions of disseminated education.

One of the best CBSE schools in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, the current strength of our students is 2,650. The system at place is advanced to its very core, and the faculty creates a positive environment for your child. They also maintain a fully responsible approach in helping students attain significant & extensive knowledge and learning. Moreover, the school’s curriculum practically reflects a proper sense of flexibility along which students can pursue their areas of interest without any boundaries whatsoever.

Our student centric infrastructure involves:
- Staying innovative with the latest technology in our classrooms and labs and having our very own Atal Tinkering Lab
- Encouraging sports with specialized equipment, trainers, tournaments, sports exchange programs and more
- Pushing hobbies with music rooms, craft rooms, vermicomposting pits and more
- Maintaining a stress-free and secure environment at all times

Led by Mrs. Sheetal Labru, our students learn about the importance of honesty, freedom and keeping an open mind to new possibilities in life. They are also taught to lead a life with discipline and principles. Principal Ma’am ensures all students and faculty maintain a harmonious environment in school and are on the same page while teaching and learning.

Ryan International School Mayur Vihar’s mission inherently goes into making modern global citizens - a moniker which means that our alumni should succeed at whatever they want to do in life, contribute to their communities and pave the way for future generations by setting examples.

Ryan International School Mayur Vihar’s vision looks at the position of the school as a premier institute for learning, building a world where our students uniformly establish themselves as positive leaders and contributors.

About Principal

Mrs. Sheetal Labru

At the position of Principal, Mrs. Sheetal Labru has seen the institution progress from its humble beginnings to now, where Ryan International School Mayur Vihar has evolved into one of the premier choices among both students and their parents. She is quite blessed and privileged standing at this juncture of her career, which is close to 27 years in total, with about 13 of them with the Ryan International School Group. According to her, schooling is an extended process that transforms individuals in all they experience and go through within the institution.

Mrs. Labru has observed this transformation first hand. She describes children first entering Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar as ‘innocent, diffident, sweet young ones’. When they leave the school, almost all of them are confident young adults. Her perception is that education at her institution must involve no possible dearth of opportunities, as well as provisioning all the necessary facilities that can help students achieve success in its truest form. In every way, her school and her faculty try to endow and imbibe the values that all pupils hold in their hearts for success and achievement of their lofty dreams. All institutions under the Ryan banner follow the same core teachings and ideas, and she wants the absolute translation of them for the benefit of all students at large.

Mrs. Labru says, “The core values imparted, life skills gained, aesthetic and cultural ethos imbued, with their thirst for excellence in each and every field they venture into – make them ambassadors of Peace, Compassion, Tolerance and Brotherhood.” It’s truly a factor of finding the right processes and infrastructure that could consistently show support and enhancement of anyone’s capabilities and skills. She adds as well, “The quest for knowledge and skills ingrained in them motivate them to be learners throughout their lives.”

Why parents should choose Ryan International School

  • 01

    Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar is the most fertile ground for academic achievements that could ever be imagined, with a leadership position and widespread options both at home and abroad.

  • 02

    The school has great provisions for field sporting activities like cricket, football, volleyball etc. and replete with the necessary coaching and infrastructure to make budding sportsters across both national and international competitions respectively.

  • 03

    Additionally, there is heavy promotion of art, cultural and musical activities - for each of these there are special training personnel and classes, as well as a plethora of clubs to participate in.

  • 04

    Students are inspired to partake in community activities through various projects that involve health, hygiene and many social issues of concern.

  • 05

    The school also helps students comprehend ecological and environmental concerns, paving the way to make them Green Ambassadors. Ryan International School Mayur Vihar teaches the best recycling practices, vermicomposting, collecting e-waste, etc.

  • 06

    The institution is replete with accolades and awards like ISA accreditation and high order rankings in School Leadership across all of East Delhi.

  • 07

    Innovations across pedagogical and technological aspects of disseminating information and knowledge to all students with Smart Boards, Ryan Parent App, Myclassboard etc.

  • 08

    Full-fledged nurturing and grooming of potential students to become true global ambassadors with programs like cultural exchanges, international theatres and a great deal of foreign visits.

  • 09

    The true ignition for what temperament and worldview is required to pursue scientific discoveries and innovations, through ATL and various Science Clubs.

  • 10

    Endowment and inspiration to students in order to become future entrepreneurs and business leaders in any field they might want to pursue, through MUN, Mock Parliament Sessions, etc.


Here’s a glimpse of Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar


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