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Kushagra - Ryan International School, Chandigarh


At Ryan International School, Chandigarh, I gained exposure to quality education, sports & other co- curricular activities learned from the most qualified & concerned teachers and made some really good life-long friends. It provided me a platform to learn how to question things, respect rules, and build important skills. Not only has it helped in laying a sound foundation, but has also empowered me to shape my career the way I want to. I can proudly say that my school has contributed tremendously to my holistic development and I will be forever thankful for it.

Sehaj Abrol - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Sehaj Abrol

When they say there is no time like what you spend in school, they’re not lying. Ryan International Chandigarh for me has been more than just an institution. It's a family, a stepping stone, a habit, and a way of life that has helped me in all phases of life. I owe it all to my Alma Mater and for that, I shall be forever grateful. P.S: We have the best teachers who treat you like their own children!

Aabhas - Ryan International School, Chandigarh


I have always looked back at you and smiled because it was the best thing that had happened to me and it feels that it was some time back that I had just left those gates and walked towards the difficult part. I am thankful for all the highs, lows, blessings, and lessons. Those uniforms, tie, different kinds of shoes, many sections, and many classroom friends, best friends, and favorite teachers. I guess, nobody told me life was gonna be this way without you. A million memories have flashed back in my mind now and I am thankful to my Alma Mater for everything.

Abhishek Uppal - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Abhishek Uppal

The most important day of a person’s education is the first day of school, not Graduation Day. School Teachers played an important role in the starting of my education as my education base build was very strong from my school days which still helps in my daily life. My childhood, adolescence, and high school days were very important in the sense that I developed a uniqueness and sense of humor and the ability to organize, everything hen. I developed all those skills in school which helped me now facing the challenges of life. I am very thankful to my school.
In my JEE preparation, my school teachers were very helpful and supportive.
Overall I'd love to say that school days are one of the best time in any teenager growing up.

Chandrika Sharma - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Chandrika Sharma

My experience at Ryan International School has been instrumental in developing teamwork, leadership and confidence. Active participation in sports, school programs and functions, holding a position in the school council has given me an edge that abetted me to be successful in my higher studies and also working in the best of the multinational organization.