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Raman Kumar - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Raman Kumar

I am the father of Vanshika & Varnika Bashambu from class Vlll-C Ryan School Chandigarh. Both are State/National level swimmers and athletes Vanshika is CBSE National Gold Medalist 2019 in swimming. Vanshika won 63 medals and Varnika won 62 medals in different states/National level swimming competitions during 2019-20. It is really amazing to see my daughter singing, dancing in school functions, performing well in studies, and at the same time winning state/National level medals in swimming and athletics. All the credit goes to Principal Ma’am Ms. Poonam Sharma, class teachers, and the school sports Department, Chandigarh. My daughter never felt any pressure of studies during the examination. The teaching/examinations pattern is designed so well that students revised their syllabus in parts during PA’s, half-yearly and mock tests before the final exam. Mock tests are the best way to prepare for the final exam. This is one of the best features of Ryan Chandigarh. The School is maintaining an excellent balance between studies and sports. I am the biggest fan of Ryan Chandigarh.


Ms. Leena Sam Varghese - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Ms. Leena Sam Varghese

Ryan International School is a renowned educational institution that provides a wonderful platform for the students to cultivate and enhance their personal talent and skills. It promotes the overall development of the child. In this school, students get the opportunity to excel in both academics and extracurricular activities. The excursion and workshops held in school also promotes curiosity and imagination among the students, which eventually leads to the development of their intellectual level.
Globally Ryan International School is accepted as the esteemed educational institution.

Ms. Rashmi Sharda - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Ms. Rashmi Sharda

It’s been 13 years, I am the part of the Ryan Group of Institutions that taught me never to quit, retain the best people with their experiences, most importantly - Success is always connected with your efforts being put in. I earned self-esteem, being an inspirational personality and a mentor in this school. I feel privileged to work with the group.

Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur

I am here by the grace of God. I owe a lot to this institute. I feel loved, supported, and motivated from the moment I joined the school. During my tenure of 14 years, I have learned a lot. With each passing day, I am still learning new skills. This has enhanced my confidence. I feel honored to work with Ryan Group of Institutions.

Ms. Parminder Kaur - Ryan International School, Chandigar

Ms. Parminder Kaur

I am blessed to be a part of the Ryan family. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of this prestigious institute. The school provides good quality education by organizing activities, workshops, and competitions for all-round development of the students.
It caters to the needs of the students keeping in mind the individual differences and multiple intelligence.
The school takes initiative and concern for the environment and social welfare. It provides a congenial environment to develop the students’ and teachers’ capabilities by installing self confidence and tolerance in order to contribute to community life.

Ms. Arpana - Ryan International School, Chandigarh

Ms. Arpana

I am working with Ryan Group of Institutions since 2010 I have been groomed a lot over a period of 10 year. Experience in this school taught me to be strong in any situations, handle all types of children patiently and above all, I have learned multi tasking. With each passing day I’m still learning I feel proud to be part of this school.