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Dr. Prithidipa Sahoo - Ryan International School, Bolpur

Dr. Prithidipa Sahoo

I always believe that teachers are the second parents of our children and a school is the second home of every student. My son Rishit is studying in Ryan International School, Bolpur, since Mont - I and he is now class 3. For the last five years he has learned so many things there and is improving everyday. We are well aware of the effort that teachers put into each child in their class. I am grateful for the hardwork and dedication of all the teachers and staff. I am very happy for my child as he learns a lot of things progressing everyday. The teachers not only educate but they are also helping our child develop his/her social skills, social awareness, extracurricular activities, computation ability, general knowledge, behavior, manners, etc. so that they always feel confident and comfortable everywhere. The teachers are truly approachable in any concerns and they come ahead to help us. I must appreciate their compassion, care, patience and commitment to each student. I convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to the respected Principal Ma’am, all the teachers and staff of RIS Bolpur for going above and beyond for our son and being such a caring and important part of our community.

Dr. Payel Mukherjee - Ryan International School, Bolpur

Dr. Payel Mukherjee

Our child is very proud of his school and very happy. Apart from new subjects, he is learning discipline and good manners here. We are really moved by his teachers who not only teach him but also inspire which actually matters in the long run. We are very grateful to the Principal Miss and the school authorities for making arrangements of online classes during this difficult time.

Dr. Suchira Roychoudhury - Ryan International School, Bolpur

Dr. Suchira Roychoudhury

My son Abhijnan Mishra is in class 3 of Ryan International School, Bolpur. He has been studying here since Mont III. When I had made his admission here, my main objective was an all-inclusive development of my child instead of just being confined within a syllabus oriented curriculum. After three years, I can happily agree that the school has been instrumental in developing the all round personality of my child. Be it confident public speaking or stage anchoring or honing up his dramatics skills and music or football passion - RIS, Bolpur has been the guiding force behind his character development. The Principal and the teachers are extremely caring and take care of each child individually. They constantly strive to bring out the best within the child. Another aspect that I like the most is their faith in the abilities of the child. They never lose confidence in them. My child is a confident speaker and performer because of the trust and faith the school has kept over him which has instilled a sense of responsibility in him to perform to the best of his capability. The infrastructure is quite promising and cleanliness and hygiene is given priority which is very important for a child's health. It has been an enriching journey for my child. I thank the school for their contribution in building up his personality.

Dr. Arindam Chakraborty - Ryan International School, Bolpur

Dr. Arindam Chakraborty

Ryan International School, Bolpur in true sense always emphasizes on all-round development of a student. Primarily, this school calls attention on studies following exclusive and up-to-the-minute methods by learned teachers who build an in-depth foundation of knowledge for the students. Besides focusing on studies, well acquainted teachers helped my daughters studying in this school since 2016, to grow up with a learning of several performing arts viz. singing, dancing, elocution, drama, arts and crafts, sports and more. The School has also helped deeply impact on the behavioural quality of students through flourishing kindness, smartness and also developing leadership ability. I personally express thanks to Ryan International School, Bolpur for providing such wonderful service in the Bolpur locality and also feel proud as a parent of two Ryanites.

Mr. Siddhartha Ghosh - Ryan International School, Bolpur

Mr. Siddhartha Ghosh

The main intention of putting my child in Ryan International School was to give him quality education and at the same time provide him with national and international exposure. I am extremely satisfied on both counts. My son’s visit to NASA also provided adequate exposure to him. I would like to thank the school for taking special efforts to develop each and every child.