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Mrs. Beena Robin - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Mrs. Beena Robin

It has been a wonderful experience being a part of Ryan since 2017.The school has grown by leaps and bounds. I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction, when I see my children brimming with confidence, and ready to explore the unlimited opportunities that are provided by the institution.
The school, with its extraordinary teaching methodologies, safe and caring environment, unmatchable support and coachings for academic and co-curricular activities, is truly appreciable. The most valuable thing about the school that makes it different and best, is the vision of the school which is the guiding light, showing a path to kids for a successful and bright future. Even in times of adversities, the teachers have shown their extraordinary ability to rise up to the situation and current online classes are the best example of the same. The bonding that my children share with this institution is enormous and it makes me feel proud to be part of the Ryan family. I am extremely thankful to Ryan International Bannerghatta, for adding value to my children’s life and I wish that it continues to enlighten their future always.

Mrs. Vidushi - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Mrs. Vidushi

The best reward for a parent is when their child is all excited to go to school and comes back with a smile, every day. This is what Ryan Bannerghatta did for us.
We shifted to Bangalore, from Delhi, two years back and; the hunt for schools began. After thorough research and multiple visits, we finally settled for Ryan International, Bannerghatta. And that’s probably the best decision we took. Initially we were all sceptical & nervous about the new school and the fact that we were joining mid-session really made us uncomfortable. But, the warmth & acceptance by the teachers were beyond words. They not only made my son feel comfortable & welcome, but also helped him cope-up with the syllabus.
Another concern for us was the teaching methodology, but Ryan International scores extremely well on that front too. The school ensures a holistic approach towards education. The teachers focus on engaging the kids & building their concepts and not just making them mug up the syllabus. The school also conducts a host of extra-curricular activities to ensure special encouragement is given to students to showcase their talent. The rewards & certificates are given every month to keep children interested in studies as well as co-curricular activities. The school also ensures that the student-teacher ratio is perfectly maintained and the kids get individual attention. What’s amazingly incredible is that the principal & teachers are extremely approachable and ensure that even the minutest details are taken care of.

Mrs. Swetha Rajaraman - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Mrs. Swetha Rajaraman

My son is a privileged student of Ryan International School since 2010 (Mumbai) and from 2012, Ryan International School CBSE, Bannerghatta, Bangalore. My daughter has been a student since 2016. Out of my 10 years association with this school as a parent, I am happy to witness “value inculcation” to be an integral part of the education system. I stand witness to the fact that no child is left alone stating that he/ she cannot do that, may it be the annual day festivities, cultural programmes or any other events. The school sows the seeds of confidence into the minds of each and every child and that creates a major impact on the child’s outlook about the environment and the world.
I also appreciate the measures taken by the school to continue educating the children during this challenging phase of COVID19. Tireless efforts by the teaching staff is commendable to have ensured the learning continues for the children, come what may the situation be. The school preaches love and brotherhood which is very essential for today’s world. I wish the Institution all success in their endeavors in creating future architects who would make this world a better place to live.

Ms. Swapna P Shetty - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms. Swapna P Shetty

I still remember that day in June 2008, when my daughter started her schooling at the age of 2.5 with this prestigious school. From then, to till date, it’s been a great journey for her. The support and the encouragement she received from her teachers and school is excellent.
I would like to appreciate the school atmosphere, which focused on all round development of the student. The discipline in the class and focus on their behaviour development has been great. The initiative taken by the management and the teachers to start the online classes in the month of March is appreciable. The new app ‘loom’ with toppers is the best gift given by the school for the students in 10 th standard as this app has the video for all the concepts of the syllabus. I would say that the decision we took in 2008 has proven to be the best decision in our daughter’s life. I would like to thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Ryan International School, Bannerghatta, Bangalore, for taking care of my daughter for so many years. Thank you for everything.

Mrs Anjali - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Mrs Anjali

As parents, me and my husband are so very pleased with the motivating and open culture of Ryan International School-Bannerghatta branch. We really appreciate the methods of teaching. Here kids are encouraged to interact. The mix of group activities coupled with independent learning teaches the students responsibility and teamwork. We are truly delighted with how the teachers celebrate his successes and stand by his side with support when it is needed. We are so beyond grateful to be a part of this great institution.

Dr. Jean Chandra - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Dr. Jean Chandra

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded” and that’s literally what Ryan has done to my daughter. The institute provides various platforms and opportunities to their students to showcase and explore their talents. The staff and teachers are very welcoming and approachable, encouraging their students to maintain their curiosity and learn more. Education in Ryan means developing the morals and character of their students apart from focusing on regular academics.