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Ms. SS Samsthitha - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms. SS Samsthitha

The credit of my grand success goes to all my teachers, family and friends in Ryan International School. I am extremely happy to cope up with my teachers and parents expectations which would have not been possible without the continuous help of my teachers, family and friends. I thank Ryan International School Bannerghatta CBSE for my all round development. I hope to continue the same in academics as well as extra – curricular activities and keep my teacher’s, family’s head held high.

Ms. Shruti Bhadwaj - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms. Shruti Bhadwaj

The Joy of being on the top of the world was understood when I got my result on May 6, 2019. The credit of my success goes to Ryan International School Bannerghatta CBSE for importing confidence and positivity in me especially after 2nd pre board especially, my teacher who never lost hope and my friends who were their to make me relax and have fun with I am sure that when i move out of this institution I would be carrying lot of memories and experiences and I am sure that when I move to this competitive world I would be full of exposure to all the extra – curricular activities The life time experience and teachings of my teachers will be remembered how hard they worked for us and I'm proud i was up to their expectation. I would try my level best to do the same and meet their expectations as well my school’s

Priyanka Yadav - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Priyanka Yadav

“Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”- Malcolm Forbes Education is indeed an important part of our lives. It is education which separates us from others and we are nothing without it. If I have to say what my school taught me I won’t be able to answer it in one sentence , I can never be thankful enough. I feel blessed to have studied at Ryan for a whole of five years of my life, I was taught to be a good person. I learned to perform. Our hardworking staff had constantly been a support. To sum it up, studying at Ryan helped me a lot personally and is surely a huge influence into what I am and will be.

Kedar N Mathur - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Kedar N Mathur

It was my immense luck and fortune to be part of this prestigious institutions.The entire faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape one’s future. All the years I spent in this institution were wonderful, full of growth and development of me not as a student but also as an individual. Huge respect, love and devotion to the entire faculty members.

Ayan Dey - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ayan Dey

Speaking from a big part of my heart, spending a large part of my student life in Ryan Group of Institutions was no less than a blessing. Every aspect of this institution is stout and true to its ideals of Holistic development of young adolescents. My time at this institution was more than just learning but also full of development of ideals which I will carry forth in my life. The dedication of the staff to help a student is just heart-warming and I am glad for getting the chance to be a part of the Ryan family. I have overwhelming respect and love for everyone at Ryan.