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Mrs. Beena Robin - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Mrs. Beena Robin

It has been a wonderful experience being a part of Ryan since 2017.The school has grown by leaps and bounds. I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction, when I see my children brimming with confidence, and ready to explore the unlimited opportunities that are provided by the institution.
The school, with its extraordinary teaching methodologies, safe and caring environment, unmatchable support and coachings for academic and co-curricular activities, is truly appreciable. The most valuable thing about the school that makes it different and best, is the vision of the school which is the guiding light, showing a path to kids for a successful and bright future. Even in times of adversities, the teachers have shown their extraordinary ability to rise up to the situation and current online classes are the best example of the same. The bonding that my children share with this institution is enormous and it makes me feel proud to be part of the Ryan family. I am extremely thankful to Ryan International Bannerghatta, for adding value to my children’s life and I wish that it continues to enlighten their future always.


Ms. Bindu - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms. Bindu

Ryan International school is an impressive group of institutions that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives. It is a privilege to be a teacher at Ryan .It has given me my share of wonderful experiences .I felt so loved, supported and cheered on from the moment I signed in on the line. I have never been very confident about myself until I joined Ryan 11 years back . It empowered me and made me believe in my abilities. I am not afraid to try new things here because I know there is a family to fall back on and learn more. I feel so honored to work with such professional and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Ryan International schools. Everything they do oozes integrity and excellence; It’s so refreshing. The staff here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education.

Ms M Vinita - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms M Vinita

My journey at Ryan International school has been spectacular and overwhelming. Teaching and nurturing young minds has been a great experience and for that I am grateful to the management for laying down the guidelines for teaching right from the beginning. Ryan has always blended innovation, latest technology, and the right environment to affect the student outcomes in a positive way . Expectations are set high so we become genuinely concerned about the success of every single student , where I being a teacher , am like a catalyst in the moulding of young minds. With the vision of academic empowerment, emphasis on nurturing character and life values, promoting social, economic, cultural and physical growth, building leadership and communication skills, Ryan International school truly stands tall, and I am proud to be a part of this prestigious institution

Ms. Amropali Deb - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms. Amropali Deb

To be crisp and short, we are here to know about the best school that would be the stepping stone for our children. What we look for in a school is an excellent pedagogy of teachers, a well equipped campus and mostly, overall development of our children. After being associated with Ryan International School, Bannerghatta CBSE for almost 5 years, I can now say that I am part of such a school which fulfills all the above criterions. It truly upholds its motto in preparing our children for life and has a platform for every child. I am extremely proud to be a part of the Ryan family.

Ms. Margrete Sebastian - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Ms. Margrete Sebastian

Ryan International School is a very special school. It is not only a school, a place for learning. It is also a home in many ways the administration teacher, parents and students all have a connection and a bond that unites. Not only all academic subjects are taught but focus is also placed in developing deep and meaningful relationships. Fond and funny memories are held close to our hearts and shared over a lifetime. The students are their intellects, talents as gift to stretch themselves and become the best they can be most of all Ryan Bannerghatta School is a warm and welcoming home where students feel safe and loved Ryan Bannerghatta School offers a rigorous Curriculum with implication of students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring professional faculty.

Hemalatha B - Ryan International School, Bannerghatta

Hemalatha B

Ryan International School is an inspiring organisation to work within the education sector. It is a great privilege and pride to be a teacher at Ryan Group of Institution since 11 years. Ryan has given me an opportunity to pass on the treasure of knowledge, come up with innovative teaching methods in my career and It has built confidence in me to grow as a teacher. The institution cares about our well-being as an educator as well as an individual.
In the initial days, I have always been supported and there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice. I feel honoured to work with such professional and positive people who share the common passion. Ryan provides teachers an excellent and comfortable environment. Our strength is our team work, at any given situation we can seek help from our colleague as they are extremely cooperative. I have been learning new teaching methods and techniques which I will adopt even in future. Nurturing a young mind has evolved me as a better teacher and a continuous learner. Ryan staff worked with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education.