Ryan International Schools hosts World Scholar's Cup- India Round in Mumbai

on 30th & 31st July 2019

World Scholar's Cup is a premier international academic event attracting students from all over the world, resulting in "a global community of future scholars and leaders".

Ryan International Group of Institutions - one of India's largest education providers with over 135 institutes in India and abroad brings the World Scholar's Cup to India again, for the India Round at Mumbai on 30th & 31st July 2019.

Over 1500 children between the ages of 11 to 18 years from across the country will be participating in the 2-day event. In this regional round at Mumbai, students will undertake different academic and social challenges and demonstrate their skills to connect History, Science, Art, Literature, Social Studies, Current Affairs etc.

World Scholar's Cup Theme 2019 - 'A World on the Margins'

Special Area - Unsolved Mysteries
History - Neglected Histories
Social Studies - On the Edge of Society
Science - Enabling Technologies
Art & Music - Louder than Words
Literature - Voices from the Margins

Entire curriculum is available here: http://www.scholarscup.org/subjects/

There are 4 key challenges as part of the India Round

Team Debate - Each team debates three times, on motions across all the subjects, from policy to poetry. You may be arguing whether parents should have access to surveillance cameras at schools - or whether women make better superheroes. Debate is your chance to apply all that you've learned to make the most persuasive case you can. And, win or not, after each debate, you'll give the other team feedback on how to improve.

Scholar's Bowl - Every team in the theater. Every team with a clicker. Every question harder than the one before. Your team will work together to solve analytic questions and multimedia challenges. Click your answers before time runs out, and don't be surprised if you're asked to connect a poem you studied to a clip from your favourite TV Show

Collaborative Writing - Speak with the power of your pen (or pencil!) You'll be given six prompts, from each of the six subject areas, ranging from creative scenarios to explore to persuasive arguments to make. Two easy rules to remember: as a team you only need to write three of the six, and each of you needs to answer a different prompt.

Scholar's Challenge - It's multiple choice, so make multiple choices. The Challenge looks like any other test, but with an alpaca-powered twist: you can mark more than one answer per question. The fewer you mark; the more points you can earn if you're right. (Yes, that means you can finally guess C and D... and also A, B, and E.)

General Event Information
Names: The spelling of school and student names will be used for all nametags, certificates, and tournament records. Please double-check spelling in advance.
Divisions:   Only students born on or after January 1, 2005 may participate in the Junior Division. Any team with at least one student born before January 1, 2004 will be considered a Senior Division team.
Cancellations:   While registrations are non-refundable, fees may be transferred to a replacement participant or credited 50% toward future participation.

  • There is no limit to the number of teams from a school.
  • We recommend at least 6 - 7 teams; the record is 80 teams.
  • Two-member teams are welcome, but face scoring limitations.
  • If you have a two-member team, feel free to complete it with a third team member from another school.
  • If you have an extra solo scholar, ask about matching him or her to another school's two-member team.

For Enquiries, please contact
Contact No: 9818303155
Email: worldscholarscup@ryangroup.org

Management Speak

On hosting the India Round of World Scholar's Cup, Madam Grace Pinto , Managing Director, Ryan International Group of Institutions, says, " I thank the God Almighty that we were able to organize this prestigious event once again in Mumbai. It will give all the students in the country, a global platform to compete with the best in the world. This will definitely help grooming their futures. It is here that we can truly witness global community of today's learners and tomorrow's leaders."

Speaking of hosting the India Round, Mr. Ryan Pinto , CEO, Ryan Group of Institutions says, "Our students have performed outstandingly at Singapore, Dubai and Bangkok earlier. With our progressive global approach to education, we are proud to host the World Scholar's Cup in India again, for the fourth time and we are sure that the students, who have come from across the country, will go back enriched from this international opportunity."

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