Parents Corner - Ryan Group

Parents Corner

Amit V Bhatia - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Amit V Bhatia

Assistant Commissioner of Customs and GST Mumbai Extraordinary situations require extraordinary leadership skills. The way RIS has handled the onerous task of children's studies post the outbreak of COVID -19 is a praiseworthy effort. Timely decision for initiating the online classes and completion of the entire 1st term course even before the books could be available is quite an achievement. The slides/study materials given by teachers during the online classes were relevant and lucid. I wish to congratulate and express my gratitude to RIS, Kharghar for such an outstanding achievement.

Manoj Joshi - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Manoj Joshi

As a parent my association with Ryan Group of Institutions has been pretty old now. Almost ten years and this experience has been more than satisfactory; in fact, it has been awesome. I don’t deny the fact that there are good educational institutions all over the nation; however what has made Ryan most distinct is that they have not only offered formal education but have induced a level of confidence in the child and has enhanced the skills as far as speaking and expressing one's views are concerned. There have been critics about the institution as this is universal phenomena. It is impossible for any institution to be absolutely perfect as there always remains scope for improvement and growth. This Institution has developed in a manner that they have reached a level of recognition and as a group of educational institutions it is an entity to reckon with. As a parent I would consider it my privilege that my son is a part of this institution and am confident that the Institution shall continue to serve humanity.

Nripendra Chauhan - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Nripendra Chauhan

Vice President - Operations
Specialty Restaurants Ltd.
(24 Years of experience in Hospitality Industry)
Great team of teachers led by a dedicated and completely involved Principal. Disciplined but friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Good overall development for the students with complete grooming which involves sports, community involvement and international diversity. The bottom-line is enrolling my Son to Ryan school was one of the best decisions we have taken for him.

Prabhat Sinha - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Prabhat Sinha

If I have to describe in one word my over a decade association of Ryan group of Institutions it would be REAL
1. Relentless effort from highly qualified and dedicated teachers who play role of a mentor and coach apart from delivering lectures
2. Empowering children to become a better human being with value based teaching and grooming
3. Academic excellence by ensuring a robust plus curriculum approach to education
4. Leadership development by multiple avenues and opportunities that children are exposed to in Ryan Seeing my two children growing with Ryan International Kharghar makes me proud of my decision and to see them becoming a responsible and humble human being.

Sunit Koli - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Sunit Koli

India Partnership and Business Development Adviser
Lehigh University
I would like to say a few words with regards to the excellent service that has been offered by the Ryan group of Institutions, especially the school in Kharghar under the leadership of Mrs. Alice Vaz. The website is extremely informative and interactive and keeps all the audiences and viewers updated on the know-how and proceedings with the school sector and education space. I would in particular like to commend the entire school staff on their seamless efforts to ensure that the schooling and education being imparted to the children is not affected in spite of the challenging Covid 19 pandemic. The work contributed by all the teachers is phenomenal and requires a special salute which in these situations normally passes away silently. I truly appreciate being a part of the Ryan Family and am confident that the children are in safe hands for their education and personal development.