Testimonials - Ryan International School



Amit V Bhatia - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Amit V Bhatia

Assistant Commissioner of Customs and GST Mumbai Extraordinary situations require extraordinary leadership skills. The way RIS has handled the onerous task of children's studies post the outbreak of COVID -19 is a praiseworthy effort. Timely decision for initiating the online classes and completion of the entire 1st term course even before the books could be available is quite an achievement. The slides/study materials given by teachers during the online classes were relevant and lucid. I wish to congratulate and express my gratitude to RIS, Kharghar for such an outstanding achievement.


Neetu Kumar - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Neetu Kumar

I feel happy and honoured to work under the inspiring motto-EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION & ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT and with professional and positive staff members, at RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL KHARGHAR. I am grateful to Dr A.F Pinto, our Chairman Sir and Mrs. Grace Pinto, our Managing Director Madam, for they are providing an open platform for their students to learn in a more practical and interesting way. They are excellent educators and wonderful motivators. I have been teaching English and History in STD IX and X, since June, 2008. Being at RYAN, I have become more confident, caring, organized and is motivated to attend school every day because a positive vibe is instilled in me, which reminds me, that ‘there is so much I can give to this holy profession.’ I am also thankful to my Principal, Mrs Alice Vaz, for giving me opportunity to attend various seminars and workshops to upgrade and update my knowledge to impart it further to all my students for their magical transformation and to become successful in future and be ready to serve our Motherland’ and ‘Mankind’, enthusiastically.

Gurpreet Kaur - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Gurpreet Kaur

I am truly privileged to be a part of this leading group of institutions which provides academic excellence to students. I have been associated with Ryan International Group for the past 11 years. As an educator, I am fully supported and equipped in making the learning experience better for my students’ day by day. It is satisfying to me that I am a part of an institution which gives emphasis to the all-round development of qualities in students. How a Ryan student stands out from other students in terms of self-confidence and his all-round abilities is a testimony to this.
What has been most rewarding to me is the realization that I have been able to contribute immensely to this group by raising the standards and exploring my inner potentials. High levels of motivation and empowerment which I enjoy from the School Management have significantly aided me in my pursuit.
Two important takeaways for me from this wonderful institution are:
(i) Continuous innovation aimed at bettering teaching / learning experience
(ii) Skill development programs meant for the teaching faculty Very special thanks to Alice ma’am Priyanka ma’am_ for their excellent support and guidance.
They have been my coach and mentor to me in all these years.

Swapna Wale - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Swapna Wale

I joined RYAN as a teacher, experienced in the conventional methods of teaching. But here, I had an opportunity to work with the best of professionals and students. The methodical and systematic approach followed in this school and the exposure to the various different aspects of teaching and caregiving has not only helped me to expand my viewpoints towards the pedagogical routines, but also helped me develop as an Individual. The working environment coupled with my passion towards teaching has made my working at RYAN effortless.

Seema Selvaraj - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Seema Selvaraj

I have been a part of the Ryan group of institutions for the past 20 years. It has been a wonderful journey; I have enjoyed interacting with the students, helping them grasp new skills. I always felt that the school has provided a platform to foster a proper environment for the students as well as the teachers’ development alike. I began my journey as a Montessori teacher, over the years the school has given me an opportunity to upgrade my qualification and now, I am blessed enough to be able to teach English and History in the Secondary Section. The institution has helped me to develop my teaching skills and helped me to grow as an individual. It has been an honor to be inspired and influenced by our Chairman Sir, Dr.Augustine Francis Pinto, Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto and the new generation mentors and guiding light of our esteemed institutions, Ms. Snehal Pinto, Ms.Sonal Pinto and Ryan Sir. Their constant motivation, support, guidance and prayers has made me grow from nothing to what I am today. I will always be indebted to them.

Sanchayeeta Mitra - Ryan International School, Kharghar

Sanchayeeta Mitra

It’s been 11 years that I have been a part of the Ryan Group and I thank God Almighty, Chairman Sir and Madam for this opportunity. These years have been a thorough learning experience as the institution has immensely nurtured my qualities by giving me different occasions to use my talents and chisel my skills. To me Ryan International Group of Institutions stand for dedication, commitment and gratitude. I thank my Principal, my co teachers and my wonderful students who have given me numerous memories to cherish for a lifetime. The 100% result of the students year after year is a proud moment for me which I look forward to. Thanks once again... let the Ryan Flag always remain at the pinnacle of glory.