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Sparsh Patel - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Sparsh Patel

Whenever I hear the word ‘school’ , millions of memories and moments flash upon my inward eye and in that very second the first thing that pops in my mind is Cambridge. I enrolled in this school back when I was in Junior KG and since then I haven’t been able to thank my parents enough for doing so. Coming to Cambridge was like entering into a new world, a world full of opportunities, ambitions and dreams. One of the many incredible things about this school is the perfect balance between academics, co- curricular activities and sports. It is the vision of our respected Chairman Sir that every child should be engaged in some form of physical and extra curricular activities. For students like me Cambridge is no less than heaven, a place where you not only explore your talents but also develop them. Be it the debates, the elocutions, the football tournaments, the student parliament, the MUNs and what not. As for me, I can never thank Cambridge for grooming and transforming me into what I am today. I am confident, hardworking, determined, dedicated and what not because of the learnings taught to us by all of our teachers. Our school also provides us multiple national and international exposures, I personally represented my school twice in the United Kingdom for an educational trip. I was also the Prime Minister of the school parliament which immensely helped me develop my leadership skills. From the energetic and cheerful morning assemblies till the end-of-the-day prayers, Cambridge has all of it. As it is rightly said “no matter how much you dislike school there will come a time when you will realise that those were the golden days of your life and how much you miss them.”

Parth Pravin - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Parth Pravin

My experience in Cambridge was really great and amazing. The 12 years that I spent in Cambridge really helped to shape my personality and made me a confident person. My school not only helped me to excel academically but also in the fields that are really important in the 21st century. The Ryan group of institutions of which Cambridge is a part of provides a wide array of extra-curricular activities like the International Children’s festival, World Scholars Cup, Teen camp, INMUN, BBN course and many more. All these activities are aimed at all round development of a student which is one of the great visions of our chairman sir. All my respected teachers really helped me and constantly encouraged me to excel in all walks of life. I will never be able to forget such a memorable and a wonderful phase of my life. I consider myself lucky to be an alumni of such a great institution.

Meet Agrawat - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Meet Agrawat

Hi! My name is Meet Agrawal. I am currently an MBBS student in my 3rd year at Grant Government Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Government Hospitals. I was a student at Cambridge School for 13 years starting from Montessori till standard 10. As a diligent student I had an excellent experience through my formative years. It is a unique institution with a plethora of facilities for all round development of a child. All faculty are highly supportive of each other and of the students. It has a student centered environment which also lays great focus on developing healthy habits including prayer. One of the most important reasons I like this school is because I started loving Biology at school itself. I remember being awestruck during the lecture when the teacher was talking about the heart and that’s what decided my career! Thank you Cambridge!

Kaushal Rajpopat - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Kaushal Rajpopat

My experience with the school has been great. I thank our Chairman sir and managing director madam for providing all the platforms that helped in the development of my overall personality. The World Scholar’s Cup, YJs in Ryan TV, the Teen Camp and the House of Parliament, everything helped in developing my communication and other soft skills. Chairman Sir’s vision is truly coming to light that “All Ryanites are Kings and Queens in the making”. Lastly I would like to thank my entire set of teachers Rekha ma’am, Pradnya ma’am, Mrinalinee ma’am, Mohanty sir, our supervisor Sugandhi ma’am and our principal Ms. Khushboo for always inspiring and motivating me to reach new heights in the ladder of success.

Karthik Kini - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Karthik Kini

It is very pleasant to recollect my school days. I was admitted to Montessori III. I passed eleven long years in the same school. This long period was associated with pleasant memories of various kinds. I can never forget these golden years of my life. During this long period, I had met many students of my own age. I was shy and introverted earlier. With the help of my class teacher’s advice, I mixed with them freely. Some became my best friends. I will never forget them in life. There was a healthy competition in studies amongst a group of students. My friend would always come first in class and that would give me enough motivation to do better and improve my scorecard and I always hoped that I’d be the topper next time! It laid the foundation for my basic studies. I was always interested in Mathematics and Computer Science. My Mathematics teacher Mr. A.K. Mohanty and Computer teacher Ms. Pratiksha have helped me throughout the years and helped me succeed in taking Computer Science at Junior College and in taking Engineering Computer Engineering at Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat. I am currently pursuing a Master of Data Science at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. This school has developed my social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills according to the best of my abilities. This school is the incubator of the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators. I want to thank everyone and be proud to be a Cambrian.