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Mrs. Sudha M. Hunnur - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Mrs. Sudha M. Hunnur

Cambridge School Kandivali of the Ryan Institution truly upholds its motto in preparing our children for life and has a platform for every child. They’ve mentored them for curricular and extra curricular activities, by following the 12 point vision of Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto. He has built a perfect platform for children to develop their overall personality. I write to applaud the tremendous efforts taken by the school principal Ms. Khusboo Anand and the entire staff of Cambridge School. It’s been 12 years since my twins have been in this institute and I am only witnessing tremendous growth in them. Thank you so much for giving our kids the opportunity to become what they are and I’m looking forward to seeing more great stars come out of Cambridge School.


Mrs. Jayalaxmi Nair - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Mrs. Jayalaxmi Nair

I am Mrs. Jayalaxmi Nair, working as an Assistant Teacher in Cambridge School nestled in the vicinity of Kandivali of Thakur Complex. I believe that children can be the main participants in class, who discover knowledge, while the teachers channel their efforts in the right direction. I wanted the children to feel empowered and have control of newly acquired information. I was an introverted person when I joined the Ryan Group. During my tenure in School I became more progressive and confident gaining energy and knowledge from being a part of this esteemed institution. I was fortunate enough to be given the responsibility of attending 3 INMUN sessions, 3 Camps and 2 Theatre Festivals. I am also thankful to the management for giving me the opportunity to work as Supervising Examiner for the Board Exam. I am content for having chosen a group which believes in not just about students going to school and gathering a marksheet but about widening their knowledge and absorbing truth about life. Be it values or soft skills, an overall development of one’s personality, the motto of Ryan School states it all. In my 20 years of journey, I got the confidence and motivation from the management & I can continue with this group because of their blessings.

Mr. Amiya Kumar Mohanty - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Mr. Amiya Kumar Mohanty

I feel proud to write my personal testimonial for the esteemed institution in which I am engaged right now. I am Mr Amiya Kumar Mohanty working as an assistant teacher in the esteemed educational institution Cambridge school since the last 20 years. During this long span I have experienced many positive changes as far as the institution is concerned. All these changes could have been possible due to the collective effort of the staff under the correct guidance of the director of the school. This institution has not only improved the standard of quality education but produced numbers of jewels who are engaged in many high ranked organizations. From the inception this institution has tried to uphold the mental development and creativity of the students covering all aspects of life. The amiable environment of this institution has attracted the parents at large. Apart from this, this institution has given me the opportunity to learn a lot more particularly in being a good teacher. In all I am absolutely satisfied in my job and will be exercising my duty for the growth and development of the institution.

Ms. Sangeeta Sharma - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Ms. Sangeeta Sharma

It is indeed a great pleasure to share my experience in Ryan International Group of Institutions. I began my journey as a Mont. II teacher in the year 2003 in Xavier’s Group of Institutions. Teaching has always been my passion. Since 2004 I have been working in Cambridge School and am now teaching Std III. During my journey I did not only teach my students but I also learnt to inspire, to make a real difference and to do things differently. I was able to instill a love of learning into a child’s life and making them feel valued. I always implemented our respected Chairman Sir’s 12 points vision to provide excellence in the education and holistic development of every child. I am so grateful that you have trusted in me and given me an opportunity to develop my skills under your wings. From weakness to strength, from grass to grace and from nothing to something you will be always my role model and mentors for ever and ever. Thank you respected and beloved Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Ramesh Vengure - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Mr. Ramesh Vengure

For healthy living and fitness, the nation is seeing growth in the education in the sports sector. My career has provided me a great opportunity with regards to receiving sports education, and being able to fulfill my passion. Sports have played a major role in my journey. My mentors of the organisation have created a position in my life. In two and a half decades of my career I, Mr. Ramesh Vengure, believe quality physical education influences moral development. Students have the opportunity to assume leadership skills, cooperate with others, question actions and accept responsibility for their own behavior. In Cambridge, I plan activities that help to make exercise based learning more engaging for students. Winning laurels for the school at the national level javelin throw, discus throw and hurdles. Working with students and gaining fantastic experience and knowledge has never stopped my learning. Learning is how one becomes the best coach or a teacher. Guiding and working with athletes has created greater awareness in me and to give something to the sports students. Practice drills made much easier because the team always embraced the challenge of learning. My main goal as the physical education teacher was that I would never compromise on any ground when I knew students were capable to achieve their goals. My natural behavior was my strength which allowed me to quickly connect with the athletes, understand how to best communicate with them and understand every student is unique. The students were made comfortable. My expertise in teaching was exactly what needed to grow as an individual so that the sports student body collectively could move forward on and off the field.
“But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep”
- Robert Frost

Ms. Josephine Fernandes - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Ms. Josephine Fernandes

My tenure as a montessori teacher for the last two decades has helped me grow to the full potential. Since I was very passionate about teaching, I felt being a montessori teacher gave me an opportunity to showcase my creative talent and humbleness. To go on gaining satisfaction and passing my knowledge and expertise to the tiny tots. A good teacher is a teacher who not only teaches but also loves, cares, values and inspires all the students to learn too.