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Parents Corner

Rev C.N. Vinod - Ryan International School, Durg

Rev C.N. Vinod

“Train up a child in the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it” There is no question in anyone's mind, who knows about St. Xavier’s High School, Durg that it is unique for its several special characteristic features and continuous achievements. The foremost thing I will say being a socio - spiritual leader is that this school is producing spiritual, religious, cultural and social leaders. The praise and worship which every assembly to start with is really a blessing use of religious scripture and prayer to creator almighty God for each and every special occasions and days are a source of blessing to the whole community who are involved in the Geographical position the school is having is unique and is making graceful contribution to the surrounding villages. As it is situated in the city outer both children from the cities and villages join here. The big campus is making every the students' joyful and silent atmosphere is a special blessing. As from the beginning of the institution students and staff who are from different religious background and culture makes the atmosphere more respective and of mutual take and learning mind. The school have always kept good social standard that all the political and social leaders give their full support for the growth of the school. Highly academic and well experienced teachers of the school make a boom to the existing scenario. All the teachers are doing their best and working hard on every student to bring out the best out of them by giving individual attention and care.

The school administration and management is well co- coordinating among themselves, students and parents is a unique character. Each student is molded to their best in this atmosphere. The school is truly producing the nation’s future. The ICSE Curriculum is another unique factor which is to mentioned. So in my testimony about the institution again let me say in this conclusion part that St. Xavier’s Durg is unique for many reasons, which include for its contribution in spirituality, religion, social, cultural, sports, and academics.

Mrs. Sweta Jhawar - Ryan International School, Durg

Mrs. Sweta Jhawar

As a parent, I was very much conscious about the schooling and learning of different activities of my child.

I feel really blessed as my children “ Mst. Naman Jhawar” studying in std. VI ‘A’ and “ Ms. Mohi Jhawar” Studying in std. I ‘A’ are part of your institution. They became self confident & active due to the activities conducted here are compulsory for everyone & can confidently face the public. It is the school which encourages them to be confident & explore their talent as a result of which my son “Mst. Naman “ had represented school for sports not only in Zonal but for Nationals also. He also got the opportunity to attend the “ Theatre Festival” at Delhi for dance. The vision of the “Principal Mam, Teachers and the whole Management group is very clear, which leads in the overall development of each & every child and also help them to excel not only in studies but also physically, mentally and socially. They become to efficient that they can handle and fight against any situation they face. I really appreciate and Thank the whole group of St. Xavier’s , Durg from the core of my heart for overall development of my children.

Mr. Harish Tandon - Ryan International School, Durg

Mr. Harish Tandon

future of a child has strong relationship with ture thinking and accurate selection of school. The school where education is taken into consideration there it is seen that administration, behaviors of teachers Techniques of teaching to in build the skills in students are much important.

As the students are growing up, their parents are worried about the selection of schools. Parents desire that their kids should get proper education and must excel at every field in their life. All these qualities we have found at St. Xavier’s High School, Durg. This school is a prestigious school and the level of English is remarkably good which is very essential in our daily span of life. Here more consideration is also given to non-academics, sports and creativity. The atmosphere of St. Xavier’s is cool and pleasant for the efficient teaching library, computer lab and science labs are also there, which are beneficial for the students teachers are giving their full afford for the upliftment of each and every child. Teachers of St. Xavier’s are well qualified in their specified subjects.

As in our life air and water are very much essential, like future of a child depends on the proper selection of school We are feeling proud that our child Mst. Bhavi Tandon is a part of St. Xavier’s Durg and we hope for his bright future.

Mr. Shashikant Dubey - Ryan International School, Durg

Mr. Shashikant Dubey

First of all I would like to say that we did not make any mistake to choose a correct school for my son and for that I would like to express my appreciation for love support, guidance, assistance and much more you have done for my son as percent. I know perfect teacher’s are hard to find but we are quite fortunate that we got such talented teacher’s here.

Thank you so much for everything you do each and every day for my son. The teacher’s of this school are co-operative and has enhanced my son's confidence level. His smartness, strong mental power, competence for any competition without any fear. I think I would give all credits to the teachers of this school.

I hope this school will keep progressing like this day by day with its outstanding performance my last wish to all the teachers and other staff members of this school.

Mr. G.C. Mishra - Ryan International School, Durg

Mr. G.C. Mishra

The Management of St. Xavier’s High School is just adorable and incredible. We are so proud of Xavier’s Management System. The Teachers are also very sincere and responsible. Teachers are performing their incredible role and are very sincere about every single scheme and function. Responsibility should be a very important factor in every teacher which is definitely found in St. Xavier’s teachers. Teachers of my school make communication more easy and convenient. Way of teaching is incredible and simple. A part from studies interaction and attention is given to each students is necessary which is taken care by the Teachers are disciplined and decorum of school. The first the quality of a good student is discipline. This means a student who aspires to be excellent must adhere to his/her study time table strictly and obey the instructions of coaches, teachers, and parents every day which is seen in students of St. Xavier’s.