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Rev C.N. Vinod - Ryan International School, Durg

Rev C.N. Vinod

“Train up a child in the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it” There is no question in anyone's mind, who knows about St. Xavier’s High School, Durg that it is unique for its several special characteristic features and continuous achievements. The foremost thing I will say being a socio - spiritual leader is that this school is producing spiritual, religious, cultural and social leaders. The praise and worship which every assembly to start with is really a blessing use of religious scripture and prayer to creator almighty God for each and every special occasions and days are a source of blessing to the whole community who are involved in the Geographical position the school is having is unique and is making graceful contribution to the surrounding villages. As it is situated in the city outer both children from the cities and villages join here. The big campus is making every the students' joyful and silent atmosphere is a special blessing. As from the beginning of the institution students and staff who are from different religious background and culture makes the atmosphere more respective and of mutual take and learning mind. The school have always kept good social standard that all the political and social leaders give their full support for the growth of the school. Highly academic and well experienced teachers of the school make a boom to the existing scenario. All the teachers are doing their best and working hard on every student to bring out the best out of them by giving individual attention and care.

The school administration and management is well co- coordinating among themselves, students and parents is a unique character. Each student is molded to their best in this atmosphere. The school is truly producing the nation’s future. The ICSE Curriculum is another unique factor which is to mentioned. So in my testimony about the institution again let me say in this conclusion part that St. Xavier’s Durg is unique for many reasons, which include for its contribution in spirituality, religion, social, cultural, sports, and academics.


Mrs. Pratiksha Ashish Chandu - Ryan International School, Durg

Mrs. Pratiksha Ashish Chandu

It's my great honour and pleasure to be a part of this prestigious institution. I am really thankful to the Director Madam Grace Pinto and Chairman Sir for giving me this opportunity to work at St Xavier's Durg. I am part of this institution since 2006 ,as an English Teacher. I have learnt a lot to upgrade my standard of teaching. I consider this institution as one of the best. Fulfilling the vision of a chairman sir enhances the confidence and the stature of education to go global and hit the opportunities to bring name and fame. I am really thankful for bestowing all the favors and facilities provided by the institution. I express my deep appreciation to work with Ryan Group of Institution.
Ms. Sharina Siraj - Ryan International School, Durg

Ms. Sharina Siraj

I am very pleased to be able to write this testimonial letter to St. Xavier’s High school, Durg. I Sharina Siraj, the Asst. Teacher of St. Xavier’s High School. I want to express my deep appreciation for the support you have offered me as Asst. Teacher.

I consider myself very fortunate for having a chance to work with Ryan International Group of Institutions working with Ryan International Group of Institutions is a great learning experience for me. I really value the knowledge and insight of Dr. Pinto Sir and Madam Grace Pinto, and their willingness to share it with me. I credit St. Xavier’s high school, Durg for the success as well as for my own professional growth I thank you for that.

St. Xavier’s has truly inspired me to work with sincerity and dedication.

Mrs. Neeta Paik - Ryan International School, Durg

Mrs. Neeta Paik

It is an honour and a pleasure to pen for St. Xavier’s , where my real personality was formed as a mentor. It’s been 10 years with St. Xavier’s completing a decade with this organization, has filled with learning & growing experience within me. The thing of appreciate most about St. Xavier’s is that it has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with my principal Mam & nice colleagues. It has given me to discover my hidden skill. I have had various opportunity to build up my career to make a good person. I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by great individuals our Managing Director Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto who have always shown care & Support & are genius in sharing their valuable thought for the purpose of making the team better. St. Xavier’s has given me a chance to grow my career as from pre-primary teacher to primary teacher with the help of assistance & trust of my principal surrounded blooming buds/little children, I have learnt a great degree of control in my behaviors to change simple idea-into an innovative process every is different it is a constant adventure for me. I have always enjoyed a sincere appreciation from my Principal Mam as well as my co- workers. I wish St. Xavier’s all the best for its future endeavors.
Mrs. Sonali Paul - Ryan International School, Durg

Mrs. Sonali Paul

It's my pleasure that I joined St. Xavier’s High School, Durg. This institute gave me opportunity to save for students and motivate them to become a confident future generation. In This school I got good environment to upgrade myself and to showcase my talent. Through different international competitions we are going to shape our upcoming generations. Once again I want to thank you to give me opportunity in such an institute where we aim at quality teaching.
Mrs. Deepa Rao- Ryan International School, Durg

Mrs. Deepa Rao

St. Xaviers High School, Durg is not only a school, a place for learning, but it is also a home in many ways. The Administration, Teacher, Parents and Students all have a connection and a bond that unites us Myself Mrs. Deepa Rao is serving in this prestigious institution from pas eight years. Here students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring, professional teachers who work collaboratively to instill core values in each lesion every day.

I have chosen to be a part of this institution because I am interested to promote a different kind of classroom and different kinds of educational approach. I like to bring out the hidden talent within the students. I believe the children to be the main participants in class the one who discover the knowledge, while the teachers channel their efforts in the right directions. I want the students to feel empowered have control of newly acquired information to strengthen their own characters and diversity their own personalities.

I always enjoy interacting with students help them to grasp new concepts and acquire the skills. St. Xavier’s High School, Durg fosters adequate environment for students and teacher development. It is also an opportunity for the teachers of Xaviers to be more creative, so that their lessons capture the best, students can give and helps them gain confidence. I express my sincere inspiring us over the years and respected Madam Grace Pinto for her encouraging and loving words when ever she visited.

I always enjoy teaching the students as well as learning from them. I believe everyday is a new opportunity to learn and my main goal is to prepare my students to be successful in the rest of their school years and to be lifelong learners