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Dr. Rashmi Yadav - Ryan International School Civil Court Road, Dhamtari

Dr. Rashmi Yadav

Hi, everyone I am Dr. Rashmi Yadav, I am a proud Xavierite and pass-out of batch 2005. Presently I am working as a Nephrologist in Hyderabad. To say that my alma mater is the foundation of my entire career is just an understatement because it has helped me to develop my leadership quality and personality right from Grade 1 in the school. Various activities including Inter house and Inter School competitions, INMUN, Teen Camp, Responsibilities of House captain and Head Girl has helped me to shape my personality and change from a shy small town girl to a confident and successful person. For this I am thankful to our Chairman Sir Dr. Augustine F Pinto and Managing Director Dr. Madam Grace Pinto for providing such quality education to the convents of the country.

Mr. Arpit Jain - Ryan International School Civil Court Road, Dhamtari

Mr. Arpit Jain

Hello Everyone, I am Mr. Arpit Jain, Pass out 2006 batch from commerce stream. I am currently a Motivational Speaker and a business coach other than this I am a successful Businessman. The best memory for me of Xavier’s was that I was selected as the Head Boy of the school in 2005. The most amazing part of Xavier’s is its ICSE and ISC board. The development of the SLRW skills has been the most amazing thing. We were provided with several platforms which helped us to be better speakers. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards our Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam and all my teachers for providing us the best. I remember the days I spent In Xavier’s during Teen Camp and Theatre Festival. The best time of my life was in Xavier’s only.

Mr. Jatin Lohana - Ryan International School Civil Court Road, Dhamtari

Mr. Jatin Lohana

Hi, I am Mr. Jatin Lohana, passed out 2003 batch. What should I say about Xavier’s, It has been the best part of my life. I remember each and everything about Xavier’s all those competitions, sports event and one of the best memories I had was In the Mumbai Teen Camp. l find myself very lucky as I have been trained and groomed under the guidance of Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam where I have got the best learning that I could have ever expected from any other school. I feel so blessed about it and wish all the best to the group. It's the best school.

Mr. Anshul Shrivastava - Ryan International School Civil Court Road, Dhamtari

Mr. Anshul Shrivastava

Hello Everyone, I am Mr. Anshul Shrivastava, passed out 2003. Currently I am a photographer and based in Raipur. Xavier’s has played a very important role so far my personal and professional life is concerned. The way Xavier’s has groomed us, the way Xavier’s has taught us about things in a very early age and I think we can’t Thank our Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam enough for this. I wonder how they came down to a place like Dhamtari and opened a school like Xavier’s. If it wouldn’t had happened we wouldn’t have got any opportunities to see or witness, to groom ourselves the way we have been able to because I remember we had our Teen Camp in Mumbai we used to wake at 5:00am early and we used to enjoy all the activities throughout the day. I always remember the bells which used to ring, we used to go around the school and we used to enjoy that. The journey of Xavier’s has been truly an amazing journey because when I joined NCC I became All Indian NCC best cadet.

They have taught us all what competition is, all about what team play is, all about which has helped us to groom ourselves well because of which I can proudly say that We are Xavierites.

Dr. Sandeep Lachhwani - Ryan International School Civil Court Road, Dhamtari

Dr. Sandeep Lachhwani

Hello, I am Dr. Sandeep Lachwani, I am a Periodontist and Implantologist in Guru Kripa Dental Hospital. I am an Alumni of St. Xavier’s, Dhamtari. Pass out 2005. I attended Teen Camp in Mumbai, It was a wonderful experience for us. I also attended INMUN at Delhi. It was a very wonderful experience for me to foster my leadership quality. I would like to thank Our Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam for providing us such a wonderful institute.