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Parents Corner

Mr. Sunny Aksal - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mr. Sunny Aksal

My Ward Kanishka Sunny Aksal is studying in one of the Finest Educational Institutions - Ryan International School. As a parent it is a matter of Pride and Honour to be associated with Ryan International School. Teaching and Non Teaching staff are very supportive and helpful, I never ever had any sort of worries regarding my Child’s education. Thanks to Management, Staff and all associates for developing such an excellent institution. My Sincere Gratitude to, Rubin Sir and Vijaya Miss.

Mr. Niraj Muley - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mr. Niraj Muley

We are thankful to Ryan International School for giving us the opportunity to share our view about academic progress of my daughter MsRiddhi. In 2017, we have chosen Ryan International School for our daughter’s admission considering her overall positive reputation and good track record of the school. We were expecting overall growth of Riddhi on the academic front as well as nurturing other skill sets . As of today after reviewing her last three year performance from the above perspective, we feel that we have chosen a very good school and she is on the right track in line with our expectations. She has shown very good improvement in her studies as well as in her other skills development like drawings, painting and sports activities. She has become more creative, punctual, self confident. Due to Ryan School’s initiative and admirable support from school staff she was able to participate and prove her abilities in Spell Bee and Olympiad examinations. The teaching staff at Ryan School has a very result oriented approach and they take care of each and every student in the best possible way for their development. We feel that we have made the right decision to join RYAN International School and we are very happy about the overall approach by the School management in the development of the student.

Mr. Parvez Virani - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mr. Parvez Virani

When I was searching the best School around the entire city, my search came to stop when I reached Ryan international School It’s been 6 years by now and I still think that it was one of the best decisions I have taken for my Child’s education needs. The admission process was very smooth and the teachers and non teaching staff were all on toes to help me then and even today. The authorities are always approachable and have the individual attention on each and every child. In today’s day when the schools are getting more and more commercial in terms of fees and luxuries provided , I found RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to be more and more towards the development of my child in terms of education , sports , health , and social well being. It is one of the most affordable yet best ICSE curriculum schools I have come across. I am sure that my child is in safe hands as well by the time when he will come out of the school he will be a better person equipped with the best knowledge and skills available in the world. Thank you.

Mrs. Helen Rani - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mrs. Helen Rani

I am Mrs.K.Helen Rani mother of Ms.R Fabiola Shalom Abigail studying in 10th standard in Ryan International school , I am really grateful to the management and school teachers for bringing up my child and helping her in her overall development. The Teachers are very sincere and cooperative to my daughter and the expertise of your teaching made our mind at ease. My child was immensely blessed not only with the education but also the school helped to improve her Spiritual, Psychological, Social wellbeing which has molded her to face challenges with courage in this present scenario. The school celebrated many events which help my child to build her talents and values. I am very much thankful to the entire teaching and administrative team of the school for making my child a very responsible individual . I am very proud and happy to give my feedback.

Mr. Pramod Tidke - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mr. Pramod Tidke

Myself Pramod R. Tidke, parent of Ms. Ishita Tidke, Class 4th A, hereby taking the opportunity of sharing our feedback about the progress of Ishita in Ryan International school. In this competitive world nowadays every parent has expectations that their child should develop and perform best in academic progress as well as enhance other skill sets through a reputable and school management should play a key role in this process. With almost similar expectations we had approached RYAN International School for admission of Ishita in the year 2016-17, considering its very good reputation and track record. After joining RYAN International School, we have noticed remarkable positive changes in her overall approach and attitude. Over a period of around three years, Ishita has improved a lot in her academic performance as well as she is becoming more sincere, creative, and responsible. She has shown improvement in other skill sets like drawing, painting, singing which are being driven and focused by the school .She also has got exposure to participate and perform in other examinations like Spell Bee, Olympiad and Mental Maths. The School management staff is disciplined as well as very supportive and ensures good coordination and cooperation with all parents and students. The teaching staff is also very creative, passionate in their teaching methods and ensures that all children get equal attention and focuses on developing key skills of children. We are proud to be associated with RYAN International School under the leadership and guidance of respected Chairman Sir, respected Madam and Principal Ms Vijaya madam.