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Mr. Sunny Aksal - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mr. Sunny Aksal

My Ward Kanishka Sunny Aksal is studying in one of the Finest Educational Institutions - Ryan International School. As a parent it is a matter of Pride and Honour to be associated with Ryan International School. Teaching and Non Teaching staff are very supportive and helpful, I never ever had any sort of worries regarding my Child’s education. Thanks to Management, Staff and all associates for developing such an excellent institution. My Sincere Gratitude to, Rubin Sir and Vijaya Miss.


Ms. Chaitali Birhade

Ms. Chaitali Birhade - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

I feel lucky and fortunate for getting a chance working with Ryan group of institutions. The school has given chance to grow with most creative and innovative forces in teaching which has boosted confidence in me. I have learned a unique teaching approach making learning fun and effective creating a relaxed environment for learning. I would like to thank honourable madam and chairman sir for giving me an opportunity to serve in this institution and impart education in a way to achieve all round development of the students.

Ms Farin Khan - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Ms Farin Khan

I joined this esteemed institution in the year 2006 as an assistant teacher .Where I joined I really felt nervous and a bit hesitant as I had a lot of challenges and a new phase of life to go ahead with. I thank my almighty father for giving me an opportunity to serve this institution since 2006. I saw this institution growing and I am proud today to be associated with this institution. This school not only provides a platform for students in developing their skills but also it gives equal opportunity to develop and hunt the hidden talents of the teachers. Here I have upgraded my qualification and I am now M.A.B.Ed and also I got an opportunity in teaching the students various competitions and programs. It is rightly said that knowledge increases as we impart it. I have experienced through my teaching journey in this institution. I am grown up spiritually too. I am very fortunate to work in Ryan.

Mrs. Nithya Bhavani - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Mrs. Nithya Bhavani

I joined this institution in 2018 and in these two years I have got a family feeling in this school .I learn a lot from this institution in these two years .This is the only institution where I have learnt teamwork commitment and self dependent .This institution has made me strong in this profession and made me bold to face the challenges that comes the way .The assembly that is conducted in our institution is above all the things we do as in assembly each and everything like from prayer till national anthem is checked minutely and taken care off as this is the main area where students inculcate various values to become a good citizen in future. I am really fortunate enough to work as a teacher here . The timely guidance we get from our Managing Director Madam Dr.Grace Pinto and honorable Chairman Sir has helped me to plan out the lessons very effectively and has also given me change to deliver quality teaching.I will be always grateful and thankful to Almighty father for choosing me to be in this noble profession and especially for being a Ryan teacher.

Ms. Darshana Yelullkar - Ryan International School, Aurangabad" title="Ms. Darshana Yelullkar

Ms. Darshana Yelullkar

It is rightly said that the brain of the nation is built in the school. The one who built the brain is the humble teacher. The level of care and trust that the administration has in the teachers is so unique and special at Ryan International School you are loved, supported and shared by Don from the moment you join. Gives every platform to the teachers to develop. It is an honour to work with such positive people, integrity is a very important value and every teacher right at home amidst staff at Ryan International School. Everything the management does Spurs up integrity and excellence in all its dimensions. It is such an refreshing experience. Ryan group embodies what it means to be an organisation. They are organised and United under a mission and vision “education for all and excellence in education”. The tenure of my work never made me feel unsupported there was always someone or other to turn to for help or advice.Start your works with gratitude and teamwork which is one of the essential ingredients for excellent work.