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Sharon Rodrigues - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Sharon Rodrigues

School life is a preparatory stage for your entire life. It is the foundation for the future. My school life was the best time I ever had in my life. I have learnt virtues such as perseverance, sincerity, truthfulness, tolerance, discipline, obedience and how to adjust myself with society. Basically, I understood the basic concept of Life. I am blessed to be a student of this school and I sincerely thank my teachers for mentoring me so well to achieve whatever I could till now in my life.

Ahmer Afsar Siddiqui - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Ahmer Afsar Siddiqui

We at Eco build provide housing solutions in the form of row houses and apartments with Eco friendly facilities like solar powered electricity, rain water harvesting and solid waste management system also we believe that everyone should own a house so Economical housing is our top priority.
Passing year : 2010
Benefit from Ryan :
1) As it was mandatory to speak in english with your teachers as well as your friend in the school campus which made me confident about speaking in english anywhere which helped a lot as i went to the UK to pursue my masters.
2) stage fear- during assembly time every student got a chance to read news or say the prayer that was helpful as i was not scared of the stage anymore.
3) hygiene- during school time we thought it was too strict that we had to trim our hairs, cut our nails and polish our shoes everyday , iron our uniform. Now in our professional life I understand the importance of looking smart , dressing smart and staying hygienic is very important. There are many more reasons for which I want to thank all the teachers of Ryan International School for helping me and building courage amongst students.
Best of luck for the future endeavours.
Thank you

Gladdies Peter Benjamin - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Gladdies Peter Benjamin

I consider myself as a proud Ryanite, Ryan is not a school for academics, but an institution in creating the Kings and Queens. From being timid to becoming an outspoken, Ryan provided every opportunity to mould me into a better version of me. It wasn’t just the higher level of education that Ryan gave me, but also provided the higher standards of living a life of excellence. No matter how hard things could get, Ryan always taught that “I CAN I WILL AND I MUST BE A WINNER” and this is the phrase that I still carry with me.

Tushar Jogdand - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Tushar Jogdand

I really got good exposure because of Ryan International School. The teachers are so kind and helpful that they truly nurture the student in all aspects. Making them stand confident and firm in the outer world. The skool helped me to make a distinct personality, all time ahead of all and filled me with unique talents so that I am Eveready to handle all the situations in Life. The school really helped me in securing a good position in society. Graduating as a Civil Engineer I started my own firm and took contracts. After switching for higher studies, I got the distinct opportunity to work in Amul as an Intern Marketing Amul Brand.

Neelam Pathrikar - Ryan International School, Aurangabad

Neelam Pathrikar

I have been a part of this institution right from Nursery to Grade 10 and this journey of 13 years has been a remarkable one. The learner centric environment crafted here not only trained us in the academic curriculum but focused on making us an all rounder be it arts, sports, presentation or anything else. Besides, this is the only institution in India to hold the most unique and uncommon activity i.e the international level Theatre Festival and INMUN for its students making it stand apart and a level above all other institutions. This exposure helped in overall personality development, confidence building to face competition as well as provides a platform to exchange knowledge and interact with students from India as well as abroad. The best part is that all the above mentioned things are accompanied by highly intellectual, experienced and supportive faculties. This institution has really helped me grow as a person, performer as well as a professional because to achieve success may it be in any field the foundation/base has to be strong and this is the role a school plays in anyone's life. I will be forever grateful for having got this opportunity to be a part of this institution for 13 long years.