Parents Corner - Ryan Group

Parents Corner

Mr. Anil Rawat - Ryan International School, Sector 39

Mr. Anil Rawat

We appreciate the balance of curricular and extracurricular activities. The education at Ryan International School, Noida ensures all round development of my child. I have seen a big positive change in my child and he enjoys activity based learning of concepts given at school. I take this opportunity to thank the school as it has emphasized on the moral and character development of my child and has far exceeded our expectations. We will definitely recommend the school to colleagues, friends and family.

Dr. Pradeep N - Ryan International School, Sector 39

Dr. Pradeep N

It's a pleasure to send in a testimonial for the exceptional quality of education at Ryan Group of Institutions. I appreciate the balance of curriculum with co curricular and extracurricular activities interspersed for the overall development of the students. The encouraging environment provided by the school has enhanced the confidence and honed the skills of my children which will help them grow into strong and confident individuals. It would be my pleasure to recommend the school to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you for all the support and encouragement.

Ms.Shikha Jindal (Kids studying in M 3 & 5 E) - Ryan International School, Sector 39

Ms.Shikha Jindal (Kids studying in M 3 & 5 E)

Hello Ryan International School, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to Ryan International School Noda (sector 39) for a seamless academic session during COVID 19 pandemic. It was never easy to conduct and manage online classes when we all were not prepared for this. This is even more tough for Mont./primary students. Ryan school has managed this very well and is able to minimize the impact on study in whatever way it was possible. School has upgraded infrastructure and streamline online classes in very little time. School has planned classes for extracurricular activities (like music, exercise etc.) as it used to last year. I would like to recognize and appreciate all the effort made by the School's staff during this toughest time and wish them to keep doing good work. Regards, Shikha Jindal (Kids studying in M 3 & 5 E)

Bankim Chandra - Ryan International School, Sector 39

Bankim Chandra

I would like to take a moment to say thanks to the entire teaching staff and management for providing a safe environment and taking better care of kid's emotional well being and for taking kids' intellectual level to the next standard even during this pandemic. I am proud to say that my kid's studies are unaffected even during a pandemic and I would like to give this credit to Ryan School only and surely I would recommend Ryan School to my family, friends and neighbours for their children which I have done in the past as well. Special thanks to Monika ma'am and Thomas Sir for their sincere guidance and support.

Shefali Agrawal - Ryan International School, Sector 39

Shefali Agrawal

Firstly as a proud parent I would like to thank you Ryan group to re-thinking school, re-timetabling, and working out new ways of study to enable and operate differently to provide safe environment and best curriculum with extra-curricular activities which help in knowledgeable and demonstrative growth of my child and build resilience. I would recommend this school to my friends and neighbours. Thank you for all your support.