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MST. Rachael Daniel Nadar - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

MST. Rachael Daniel Nadar

Gratitude is the memory of heart and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude through this letter. The best years of my life were with Ryan. The opportunities and the the exposure I got there was amazing. Good teachers play a vital role in shaping young minds, and at Ryan , the teachers are very kind, loving and helpful. They taught us beyond books, they imparted knowledge and values in every way they could.They motivated us and guided us. They gave us wisdom of recognizing opportunities. They are an epitome of knowledge. The knowledge i gained and the values i learnt here will be with me throughout my life.The morning assembly helped me connect with God through prayer and lovely prayer songs.The etiquette , morals and education imparted in Ryan is phenomenal. The school has a wonderful study environment. Apart from providing quality education, the schools also focuses on overall development of students. The extempore and debate competitions conducted at school have helped me to develop my confidence and oratory skills. The school level and inter school competition in sports have also helped me to develop a good sportsman spirit. I have been a part of INMUN, World Scholars Cup and BBN ,it helped me to build my confidence, expand my horizon and think out the box. The Theatre Festival was astounding too, got to interact and learn about different culture of people from around the world. The Teen Camp at Daman was Awesome. We got to spend time with our friends, as we shared the same room. we had to compete with other schools in dance, drama, sports, etc.we lived our best lives at teen camp. Sir, i would like to thank you sincerely for providing a platform to students to learn and grow in every possible way. yours faithfully, Rachael Daniel Nadar (proud ex ryanite)

MS.Sarah Shaikh - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

MS.Sarah Shaikh

Hello, My name is Sarah Shaikh and I have been a student of Ryan International School. It is one of the best schools for all round development. I have learnt so much during my time at Ryan. It is great for both education and extracurricular activities It has helped me become a much more confident person. The teachers at Ryan are very helpful and are always there when you need them. Ryan provides a lot of opportunities to young students by events such as INMUN, World Scholars Cup and BBN, events like these help you to get a clearer perspective of what you want to do in the future. I have had the most memorable time during the teens camps organised by Ryan It has given me a lot of memories to cherish and has helped me a lot further in my life.

MST.Ashwin Nair - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

MST.Ashwin Nair

I am Ashwin Nair, an ex-student of Ryan international school. I had been a wonderful experience and now also I proudly say I am a Ryanite. This school has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. Talking about the academics, it is really good, though it may be a bit tough, but the teachers, they teach us in such a good and fun way that we enjoy learning. And not only in academics but Ryan is also known for its activities, they conduct a lot of activities for the students. The faculty, the teachers are very helpful and caring, they help us in every possible way they can, and they use study materials so that we can be able understand in a much better way. The school provide us many facilities to study like they have Audio-visual rooms and that’s was really effective and impactful. They also provide us remedial classes after school if needed. And the opportunity that Ryan provides is way far the expectations, they conduct so many competitions like they have inter- school and zonal level competitions and many more. They do take us to numerous Educational and fun field trips. The best one in all of these was the Ryan teen camp, we were taken to Daman, we did everything, we had dance events with different themes and we had competitions and many more things and it was hilarious, that moments, those days were the memorable and the best days of my life. I am so proud and lucky to be the part of Ryan. And I wish I could go back to those wonderful days again.

MS. Tanaya Acharya - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

MS. Tanaya Acharya

My name is Tanaya Acharya and I am an Ex-student of Ryan International School, A great school to learn and become a better human being. I have been a student at Ryan for four school years. The curriculum here is very precise and challenging and from my experience, I can vouch that it is a great school with amazing opportunities for student betterment. The teachers here are amazing, they encourage the pupils to do their best. The Principal is also very cooperative and encouraging. The school also has lot of fun activities like inter house competition, inter school zonal competition etc...and fun field trips. And the most amazing part is standard 10th teen camp. And lastly the school has safe learning environment. The school is so amazing, I will never want to leave this school. I am very proud and lucky to be a Ryanite.

MS. Pooja Nair - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

MS. Pooja Nair

EVOLUTION HAPPENS HERE! Myself Pooja Nair, and I am happy to share my thoughts here.. One of the best school in India, Ryan International School of course who would tell no to this School! I feel very honoured that I am an ex-student of this school. I was very excited when I got into this school. Provides great opportunity to all students. I was very shy and had stage fear also, but Ryan changed everything, all thanks to M.D. Madam Grace Pinto and Chairman Sir A.F Pinto of this school for providing such great opportunities. Various competitions and activities are held in this school. Actually provides all round development. Every year inter-school zonal competitions are held which allows each student to showcase their ability and talent. Teachers are very hardworking and helpful. They are very kind towards the students. Being a student of Ryan International I feel very privileged. Four years was four decades there...Those many memories are there with my school as we were the first batch. Thanking all the school staff for tolerating us and taking care of us!