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Mr. Arunkumar Mishra - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

Mr. Arunkumar Mishra

Respected Sir, My son studies in grade 10 in Ryan International School Nallasopara, This is a letter to extend thank you for spreading a great vision to our students and guiding them with principles for a better future. Your 12 visions that include – values, Human Resource Development, Education, Sports, Art and Culture, Environment, Healthy living, Finance, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, Media and Leadership has covered all the basic necessities that are required in a person to grow themselves as a powerful human being, who not only brings change in his personality but also has the ability to help his nation grow. A vision to transform the educational landscape in the country and to make quality education available for one and all. You have masterfully created a chain of world class schools all across the nation where thousands of children shape their character and bright future. Ryan International Group of Institutes are synonymous with quality education. All the schools impart best of education under your able leadership. You have created a wonderful study environment at all schools. All the teachers selected by you are geniuses. They teach wonderfully well. Sir I would like to thank you sincerely for providing us such a well planned study schedule, which is a perfect example of time management. Yours sincerely, Mrs Arunkumar Mishra.


Bhakti Bhavsar - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

Ms. Bhakti Bhavsar

Being a teacher at Ryan International School is a completely different environment than I have ever experienced. Despite the fact that I joined this school a couple of months ago; with confidence, I can say that the level of care and trust that the administration has in their teachers and students is so unique and special. You will feel loved, supported, and cheered on from the moment you sign on the line! Ryan International is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts. With the positive vibes of the school, I am very motivated to teach and help our Ryanites find their motives in life and help them reach excellence. The experience has not stopped during this pandemic either when all our teachers are empowered to keep the light of knowledge flow-through e-learning, We experience and learn new ideas and methods to teach the students every day through this uncertainty, in reality, we ourselves learn so much more from the journey than we teach. Students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring, professional members of the Ryan family as we call it here, who work collaboratively to instill core values in each lesson every day, and for which Ryan International provides us invaluable resources helping us follow an efficacious scholastic program of study, well-engineered by Our Respected Chairman DR. A F Pinto and Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto directing us through the motto, Excellence in Education and All-Round Development. The gateways given to the students to pour their talents are innumerous, there are new opportunities and incentives coming their way to show their creativity and talents on the fields they excel, helping them to express their ideas and find their dreams come true through programs like IMUN, Theatre festivals, ICFPA, BBN, WGSE, and many more. Throughout the year Ryanites develop a diversity of skills from after-school programs, educational field trips, Science fairs, plantation drives music dance drama, and a lot more. Ryanites thrive in a learning environment that provides support, challenge, and encourages success. At Ryan International, each and every member of the faculty makes sure to give students the inspiration to collaborate as a family and instill values through prayers, demonstrating & faith in action throughout the year.

Mrs. Viji Manuvel - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

Mrs. Viji Manuvel

I started my journey in Ryan International School, Nallasopara from 2015. It has been 6 years now. I feel fortunate to teach in Ryan. This institution has widespread interest in the sphere of quality education with a commitment to excellence. Indeed it has facilitated dedicated educators as we are been trained to channelize our energy and resources towards child-centered qualitative learning. My passion for teaching stems from the personal satisfaction and also my teaching experience that accord me with an opportunity to penetrate on the treasure of knowledge. Nurturing young mind has evolved me as a better teacher and an unceasing learner. As it is rightly said that ‘An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest’. Always rising to the challenge and never backing out from implementing new systems and methods of modern learning our respected Chairman Sir Dr. A.F Pinto and Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto have reached out to the children of this nation with education that is meaningful and enjoyable in the 21st century competitive, technology driven and a globalized world. You both have always have a diligent care for future Ryanites and thus it has evoked students lives and keep them motivating to achieve their potential. Sir your vision points has always helped students to widen their horizon of thinking and become more focused in their endeavours. Ryan always been a rostrum for creating an environment that nourishes life- long learning in children. By providing opportunities in a variety of disciplines and spiritual growth. The administration, Principal, Supervisor, teachers, parents and students all have a connection and a bond that unites us as a family. I truly believe that Ryan is one of the finest school as it truly upholds its motto in preparing children for life and has given a platform for every child. Mentoring them for experiences such as INMUN, World Scholars Cup, BBN i.e. Beyond Breaking News, challenging Olympiads, breathtaking theatre festival,Ryan TV, International Childrens Festival of Performing Arts (ICFPA), Ryan teen camp, Ryan awards and social awareness drives based on Environment has widen the horizon of focused children. The Ryan International Group is making all efforts to ensure that our students#39; learning continues despite the challenging pandemic situation. It has started e- learning classes for students which has commendably moved to a virtual classroom. Teachers and schools putting extra effort to engage students in classes by revamping timetables, shifting discussions online, taking feedback from parents and monitoring students constantly so that they stay connected. Ryan International School has helped to give Spencer a purpose and a sense of belonging. Students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring, professional faculty who work collaboratively to instill core values in each lesson every day. I am truly honored to be a part of this Ryan team.

MR. Rishi Ashit Shah - Ryan International School, Nallasopara

MR. Rishi Ashit Shah

Although I have only been at Ryan International school Nalasopara for a couple of months , I can’t imagine not having taken the opportunity to join this amazing institution. I am elated to be a member of this Ryan Family, a Family of competent and dedicated teachers and staff that are caring, eager and prepared to provide the best possible learning experiences to all students. I strive to give every student an education that will not only prepare them to live successfully in society, but will also help them to excel.The things that I love and that make this workplace feel like home include the respectful and generous students, the rich culture, the access to wonderful adventures, the close-knit team of teachers, the consistent improvements, and the amount of support I receive. Our Respected Chairman Sir Dr. A. F Pinto Our Respected Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto has always directed us for curriculum planning and implementation with the motto, “Excellence in Education and All-Round Development. Teachers follow a high-quality academic and rigorous instructional program of study. To support curriculum, teachers are equipped with modern technology and teaching tools such as Maths Lab, AV Room, Computer Lab with up to date software Science Lab. At our school, we offer a variety of activities such as INMUN, ICFPA, BBN, WGSE , Theatre Festival Many more Competitive Examinations which motivate students to explore their inner talent .We have numerous clubs, educational field trips, Science exhibition and Saturday Remedial Class. In the current times of uncertainty and unforeseeable change. Ryan International Group of institute have taken up the challenge of educating kids in a novel way with a smile on their face. We have adapted to online learning and have taken up the challenge to bring the school to the home of every Ryanites. Every teacher from Ryan international school has put in their best effort to bring learning closer to each student, even in the times of Social Distancing This extra measure of confidence and encouragement pushes Ryanites to create their own dreams and gives them the tools to succeed. This nurturing, supporting atmosphere is the same feeling anyone who enters our premises will be experienced. At Ryan International, every member of the faculty shows a genuine love and respect for all our wonderful students. Our commitment to their educational success is vital.

MRS.NAZIA PINTO - Ryan International School, Nallasopara


“I have been teaching at Ryan International School, Nallasopara for Seven years. I could not ask for a better school to teach! I enjoy teaching the students as well as learning from them. I believe every day is an opportunity to learn and my main goal is to prepare my students to be successful in the rest of the school years and to be lifelong learners.” My journey at Ryan has been spectacular and overwhelming. The school has positive vibes that makes it a beautiful shelter for not only for students but also for teachers, you feel a very healthy and engaging environment around you.Im motivated to come to school everyday, a driving force that tells you there’s so much you need to give to this noble place. Teaching at Ryan has been a great experience that I would ever be grateful and thankful to our respected Chairman Sir Dr A.F Pinto and the Managing Director Dr Grace Pinto for giving me the opportunity to witness the one of the greatest and the noblest cause in the world “Teaching”. The school has experienced heads who are not only an excellent educator but a wonderful motivator. Here at Ryan I learnt that the years of work experience is not that counts, what is more important is the quality one possesses through their learning techniques. I learnt so much from these 7 years that it has laid a strong foundation by providing an open platform for students to learn in a more practical and interesting way. Its continuous efforts to revolutionize the education scenario are guided by the futuristic view of our Chairman Sir Dr A F Pinto with the motto, “Excellence in Education and All-Round Development.” Students at Ryan are given a platform to explore their talents by participating for various programmes such as INMUN, ICFPA, BBN, WGSE, Competitive Examinations etc which help our students to outshine from the crowd and explore the world for a better tomorrow. The best thing about Ryan is every member at Ryan is treated respectfully and welcomed at the same pace.