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Parents Corner

Mrs. Sethiya - Ryan International School, Jalna

Mrs. Sethiya

A school where learning is fun, interesting and exciting.. Our family has been associated with St. johns and Ryan international school since many years. All our kids since nursery up to 10th std. were part of your institution. We are extremely happy and pleased by all the ethos of the school which aspires to identify capability in every child and provides them a platform to showcase their talents by increasing their self-confidence and inner strength. Not only teaching but also, focusing on the overall development of a child. Which made each of our kids a better person? And gave them a bright future where today they all stand on their own feet and make their families proud. The Management Staff are very approachable open to suggestions. The warm loving bonds that are forged between Teachers, Students Staff are Heart-warming. All teaching and non- teaching staff are very polite and always

Dr Sudhir Chavan - Ryan International School, Jalna

Dr Sudhir Chavan

This pandemic situation has created a great havoc across the world. None of the sectors in the world is left unaffected by this Covid 19. The Education Sector is also ghastly affected. In such conditions every stakeholder is anxious about the further education process. Students and parents are in a panic situation. But there are a few educational institutions which have been trying their best to impart online education to their students to keep this process continue. Ryan International School is also one of them. The last nine years of my son s journey in this school has been quite pleasant, inspired and self possessive. The Principal as well as all teachers have always given their best to shape the life of the students not only academically but also socially and culturally. They are always found taking consistent care of their students by being continuously in touch with the parents. Students are loved, cared, nurtured and taught irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and gender. Taking care of the students about their personal life and be anxious about ones unwellness and praying Lord Jesus about the student s wellness in an assembly is the evidence of the philanthropy and humanism stuffed in the Principal as well as the teachers. Enquiring personally (every teacher for my Child Mst Arin ) about ones illness and to support him/her morally after his/her getting cured, is really praiseworthy about the staff of the Ryan. Regular organization of academic, sports, curricular and cultural activities has really developed students#39; personalities in all respects. As a result they could experience a very good result of the Tenth class every year like this year. I wish every Ryanty a very happy, successful and bright period ahead. I also express my deep sense of gratitude to the Chairman, Management, Principal and all teachers for shaping my son s life in a very skillful way. May Lord Jesus give them more power to serve the society and students in the most influential and successful way for ever and ever...

Mrs. Monica Deepak Nirmal - Ryan International School, Jalna

Mrs. Monica Deepak Nirmal

I am a parent of Miss Sarah Deepak Nirmal IX th Std. and Master Enosh Deepak Nirmal V th Std. and I know how important high quality early childhood education is to the future of our children . This Your plan is a significant step forward in helping to close the opportunity gap, and ensure that our children are supported in their early growth and Development. I applaud you and thank you for your leadership in making our children's education a priority for your Administration. By working together, I know we ’ll help ensure that culturally competent, effective teachers setting are engaging in strength based practice with high expectations in order to achieve positive outcomes for all of our children.

Pandit Lavate, Jalna (Maharashtra) - Ryan International School, Jalna

Pandit Lavate, Jalna (Maharashtra)

My experience with Ryan International School was great. Both my daughters are passed out from this school and this School has taught them great values which are useful in their everyday life. My Elder daughter Shamli Lavate has passed out 2011 from this school. She is a Mechanical engineer by profession and currently pursuing PG (MBA in marketing) from SPPU. My younger daughter Dnyaneshwari Lavate from batch 2013-14 she was fond of drawing and paintings since her school age so she decided to make a career in Animation. She has completed her graduation recently in animation and filmmaking from Whistling Woods International film school Mumbai and now working on some live projects in the film industry.

Mr. and Mrs. Shotriya- Ryan International School, Jalna

Mr. and Mrs. Shotriya

Our experience about this school is pretty good. As a parent we have found the staff, particularly teachers are very friendly and approachable. My child has been studying in this school for the past 11 years. I am very happy by seeing her progress in studies, sports and other curricular activities. She enjoys a lot in her school. Many exciting activities are conducted by the school. These activities helped her in developing her confidence, creativity and imagination power. The teachers have helped my daughter very much. I am very happy that my decision of giving my daughter education in this school was right.