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Mst. Himanshu Gupta - Ryan International School, Nirman Nagar - Ryan Group

Mst. Himanshu Gupta

My experience at Ryan International School has been memorable. The teachers were very helpful and cleared all the doubts asked in the class. I learned a lot of new topics in the class and besides course content; teachers taught us many soft skills and gave us additional information that helped me perform well in standard 11 and 12. Apart from studies the school promotes cultural activities. There were many activity clubs like singing, dancing as well as many sports clubs. The school not only focused on academics, but also on the health of their students. Overall, I would say that it was a wonderful and learning experience. Currently, I am in 4th year in IIT Kanpur and will be joining ‘Topper Technologies’ in July.

Mst. Akshat Poonia - Ryan International School, Nirman Nagar - Ryan Group

Mst. Akshat Poonia

Ryan International School is one of the best schools in Jaipur. It gave me a platform to expose my creativity in each and every field. Faculty too here is excellent and always motivated me to achieve my goals. I am very thankful for all the lovely support and generosity you have shown towards me which has helped me to stand where I am today.

Ms. Tripti Gothwal - Ryan International School, Nirman Nagar - Ryan Group

Ms. Tripti Gothwal

It fills me with immense pleasure to express my gratitude towards this great institution which has inculcated all the fantastic skills and filled me with talent. While talking about the teachers here, they have helped me in every aspect of knowledge and given me every single opportunity to showcase my skills. I will always be thankful to this institution that has made me a bright person in life. Also, I am really obliged to the mentors, our Respected Chairman Sir and our Managing Director Madam who have given each and every fellow student a place to showcase their artistry - A proud Ryanite.

Mst. Gaurav Saini - Ryan International School, Nirman Nagar - Ryan Group

Mst. Gaurav Saini

It’s been rightly said that whatever you are today some credits need to be given to each and everyone who was there to guide you and unveil the skills embedded in you which helped you to personify your later life. That’s what Ryan did for me. The journey started long back in 2006 when I was just a tender plant sapling who was being planted in the orchard of Ryan. Nurturing my childhood all took while studying in this school and when I passed out from school, I was transformed into a fully grown tree. The knowledge I received, the friends I made, the exposure I got, the memories I cherish, everything will stay with me throughout my life. The loving and caring teachers of Ryan will always have a special corner in my heart.

Mst. Devanshi Bhandari - Ryan International School, Nirman Nagar - Ryan Group

Mst. Devanshi Bhandari

The path to success is always achieved when we have 3Ds- Dream, Determination and Dedication. This is what my journey at Ryan has taught me. Ryan International School bestows upon its students the ability to be the future leaders of the world with a firm belief in the motto “I can, I will and I must be a winner”. This institution has given me everything one could ask for. It has taught me the thrill of victory and the lessons from a defeat. It has given me the wings of conviction that made me believe that I can achieve anything that I aspire for. I wish to thank Respected Managing Director Madam and Chairman Sir for all their guidance and unconditional love. My heartfelt gratitude to all my mentors for all their support and motivation for bringing out my responsible side. This is the place that has taught me how to dream big by offering a variety of activities round the year to train us on how to multitask, manage time, work in groups and do things that are out of our comfort zones. I will always cherish and treasure my beautiful and most memorable ten years at Ryan Padmavati. So, to wrap up, I would say that even though I may win many more laurels later in life, being a ‘Ryanite’ will forever be my first achievement of pride.