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Ms. Disha Anand - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Ms. Disha Anand

Our school has opened doors that have helped me take challenges, chart my own course and be the person I am meant to be. It has enhanced my growth as an individual, as a thinker and most importantly as a leader. I am very fortunate to be a part of that institution that has enabled the Ryanites in making remarkable progress. Our school hasn’t restricted the purpose of education to impart bookish language but also inculcating humanitarian values. I am grateful for the school’s infrastructure, theatre, workshops, rallies, INMUN, athletic meet all of this has helped me be a better person. It has built my confidence and communication skills to a great extent. Our school has shifted the thoughts from bookish knowledge to knowledge of life which has brought forth a sea of change. It has warmed up to the idea of education being the key to a well-rounded development instead of just a means to acquire degrees and monetary success in life. At Ryan we have learned how to power on through adversity and give it our best efforts. I owe a huge debt to the entire Ryan family for moulding my future.

Ms. Simran Joon - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Ms. Simran Joon

I have studied in this prestigious school for 13 years. These years have been full of memories worth cherishing. It's been a joyful and fruitful journey. The teachers at Ryan provide each child with personalised assistance. The institution indeed abides by its motto of overall development of a child. They have made me confident and taught me how to keep faith in myself always. I want to thank the entire Ryan fraternity for their generous contribution to my educational pursuit.
Simran Joon
Batch 2016-17

Mr. Kashish Sharma - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Mr. Kashish Sharma

Gandhi once said that whatever we do in our lives is insignificant but it's important that we do it. One must always believe that there is no limitation to what one can achieve. I have a lucid memory of the day when I was honoured with the batch of president and all of a sudden my shoulders were heavy. The words by the guest of honour ring in my ears saying - leadership isn’t about position but action. We, the members of the student council believed in the idea and worked to our full potential to make the year 2018-19 full of opportunities and positivity. I hope that all my juniors who are the kings and queens in the making take our school to ineffable heights of success, travel the road together and work in union to keep Ryan’s banner flying high, mounted with love, hoisted with dignity and fluttering with grace. The amount of love I have for this institute and faculty is beyond what words can convey but I would like to thank my principal - M.N. Srinivasa, my mentors Ms. Pratima Jagtap, Ms. Upasana Grover, Ms. Rama Banerjee and my class teacher Mr. Amit for helping me burgeon as a leader. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for their unconditional love and support.
Kashish Sharma
(2017-18 Batch)