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Mr. Ashok Kumar - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Mr. Ashok Kumar

My daughter has studied in Ryan for 13 years. I feel that all the positive changes that I see in my child are a result of the hardships and efforts of all the teachers there. My daughter has not only excelled in academics but also has great values. I am really proud of my decision of getting associated with the Ryan group of schools.
Ashok Kumar
Father of Simran Joon


Mr. Krishnendu Mukherjee - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Mr. Krishnendu Mukherjee

Section Head (Senior Wing)

It has really been a wonderful and enriching journey since my inception to the Ryan International Group of Institutions in the year 2017. The atmosphere here is aptly built for an effective teaching-learning process. The holistic development which it provides not only to its students but equally to its teachers is truly commendable. I feel that Ryan International Group is indeed a platform of excellence for students and teachers of the next generation.

My experience as a teacher is amazing in Ryan International School. My journey started long back with this institution as an english teacher and continues as a Section Head of the senior wing till the date. I believe to interact with my students with positivity and believe in a two way process of teaching-learning. Each passing day at Ryan has been a moment of honour for me and I cherish this prestigious institution always. I am ever thankful to my mentors and great visionaries behind this wonderful and truly international institution.

Ms. Upasana Grover - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Ms. Upasana Grover

I have successfully completed 7 years with Ryan International School, Sector-31, Gurgaon. I am very passionate about teaching and it gives me satisfaction to pass on my knowledge to kids and this in turn inspired me to be a part of the Ryan family. Being a Ryan International School teacher is a different environment than you ever have experienced. The level of care and trust that the administrations have in their teachers is so unique and special. You will feel loved, supported, and cheered on from the moment you sign on the line! Through the continuous guidance of our respected Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam and our School Head I have learned a lot as a teacher. Staff here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education and community.

Ms. Rama Banerjee - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Ms. Rama Banerjee

My experience as a teacher is amazing in Ryan International School. My journey started long back with this institution as a teacher and continues as a section head till the date. When I unfold the pages almost nine years back, I am filled with lots of memories which includes learning, grooming and teaching. I enter the class with positivity and believe in two way communication where learning and teaching goes hand in hand. Each passing day at Ryan has been a moment of honour as the feeling of gaining confidence and becoming a multitasker under the guidance of our mentors gives me wings to fly high. As a whole, definitely my association with the institution has left a great impact in my life and has contributed in empowering me with the great qualities both in personal as well as professional front.

Ms. Pratima Jagtap - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Ms. Pratima Jagtap

Ms. Pratima Jagtap, the Section Head of secondary classes, has been associated with Ryan Group of Institutions since 12 years. Teaching is a noble profession. One does not go into teaching for the money but rather for the twinkle in the eyes of a student when they have understood a concept you taught them or figured out for themselves how to solve a problem based on your guidance. Under the able guidance of respected Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam, I am successfully achieving this goal. Sir’s 12 Vision points like 24 spokes of Indian Flag lead us to the eventful functioning of school. We strictly adhere to ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’, so with a well planned curriculum, we are able to achieve our Motto ‘Excellence in education and all-round personality development’. I have got a lot of exposure through various workshops timely conducted to upgrade my learning which matches with the changing trends of education. I was highly privileged to be selected for shouldering various responsibilities like timetable and curriculum making, CBSE related work, preparing board classes for board exams, handling diverse groups of students and parents, sensitizing society for various social causes, even knowing the society closely and many more.
Being an inclusive school, I even learnt a lot communicating with specially abled kids and their families. School brought me close to humanity and the environment and helped develop empathy through various philanthropy based and environment based activities. I quite understood the child’s psychology after joining Ryans, which helps in sorting out all types of challenges faced by the students and families. The climate of our school includes its kids and their diversity. Our mission is learning together for a very bright future every single day, and we all enthusiastically work together to create a productive, positive, and rewarding atmosphere in which our students will learn and grow. We work hard to create lasting memories through quality learning experiences and special events. We have the most beautiful, interesting, interested, and talented children. The school community respects each other, supports each other, and helps each other to succeed. I feel proud to be a part of Ryan Group of Institutions.
Ms Pratima Jagap
Section Head

Ms. Dimple Chopra - Ryan International School, Sec 31 Gurgaon

Ms. Dimple Chopra

One of the best educational institutions of India. Where internal as well as external development of a child is considered and they’re groomed for a bright future. Activities along with studies make them go getters in life. Me as a teacher and human being have learned a lot from colleagues and seniors. Even students played their part in making me learn and being a perfectionist. I’ve been a part of this journey for 7 plus years so far and I see myself serving this school for a way long period. Also would be always delighted to guide students in every aspect of their lives.

Ms. Manisha Jakhar

Ms. Manisha Jakhar

I have been associated with Ryan International School for over eleven years as a teacher and more recently as a section head. Throughout this journey, I have acquired a multi-faceted experience in education spanning tutoring, administration and other organizational responsibilities. Over the years, I have grown along with the institution as an individual and professional as an educationist. I have had the opportunity to work with, acquire and share learnings with some of the finest professionals in this field as colleagues and mentors. Seminars and workshops held from time to time have made significant difference not only to sharpen the professional skills, empowerment, instil confidence, but also to attain work life balance and become an overall better individual in all spheres of life. Being in the school, among the young ignited minds, fills me with positive energy and zest for life.