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Teacher Testimonials

  • Ms. Versha Garg, Ryan International School Montesoori, Mayur Vihar
  • Ms. Versha Garg

    Among many noblest profession in the world, I feel proud to be a teacher because it gives me a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. . I feel proud and honored to be associated with Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar since last 2 years. I’m doing the valuable task of shaping the future by guiding the Little Ryanites. The atmosphere here is very positive and proactive, and it fosters a spirit of cooperation among all teaching and non-teaching staff.

  • Ms. Ankitha PR, Ryan International School Montesoori, Mayur Vihar
  • Ms. Ankitha PR

    'Life at Ryans is about giving 'your career the best you could have ever wanted. I express my gratitude and sincere thanks to our mentors Chairman Sir Dr.A.F Pinto and Managing Director Madam Dr Grace Pinto. Without their blessings and guidance nothing would have been possible. Being with very young minds of Montessori children and exploring their infinite possibilities has been a truly amazing experience for me.

  • Ms. Sonal Kandari, Ryan International School Montesoori, Mayur Vihar
  • Ms. Sonal Kandari

    'Learning is a never ending process'. Each day I learn something new with these beautiful minds. The little ones have taught me virtues of life and especially how important it is to forgive and forget. Interaction and working with wonderful co teachers as a team towards a common goal has been very uplifting. Constant guidance and support of our mentors has helped me to grow and build my confidence. I am proud to be a teacher and a part of an organization where everything demonstrates integrity and excellence!

  • Ms. Rakhee Kulshreshtha, Ryan International School Montesoori, Mayur Vihar
  • Ms. Rakhee Kulshreshtha

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Ryan International School and respected mentors for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Ryan group. Working at Ryans helped me to grow professionally. I feel extremely fortunate to have such great leaders who always encourage, advise, guide and support teachers to be the best. I am proud to be a teacher in this institution and feel blessed to be associated with this eminent educational organization who believes in excellence.

    Thank you so much for being such incredible mentors who motivate me constantly.

Parent Testimonials

  • Ms. Sabita Mol NK, Ryan International School Montesoori, Mayur Vihar
  • Ms. Sabita Mol NK

    We really can’t explain in words the wonderful feeling of happiness and joy that we experienced to see our shy child perform so beautifully on stage last year . My child loved getting an opportunity to perform and express his ability. The teachers hard work and guidance were apparent in his confident performance. No words can describe how thankful I and my husband to have our Aadish be part of Ryan family, under the qualified teachers along with education programs you have. The teachers are so helpful,full of support and encouragement. Thank you for all the efforts the teachers have put in with them especially Ms Tammana madam and Ms Ankitha madam. A “ Big Thankyou” for being so lovely , understanding,significant and practical.

  • Mr. Sameer Sharma, Ryan International School Montesoori, Mayur Vihar
  • Mr. Sameer Sharma

    Choosing Ryan International School,Montessori is one of the best decisions we've made for our child. Ever since he started his journey with Ryan’s, I've seen a lot of changes in him (not to mention positive). The activities for the children are designed in such a way that they are engaged throughout the month without burdening them. A shout out to his class teacher ,Sunaina Mam, who definitely delivers her best and always makes sure that the children grow and explore new things. We are glad that we chose Ryan International School and would recommend everyone else too. Kudos to Ryan International!