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Ms. Vijayalakshmi Karthi - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Vijayalakshmi Karthi

I write to applaud the tremendous effort that has been going into the various aspects of coordination of so many activities that are currently happening in school. Truly amazing and have a complete “wow” element attached. I chose Ryan International school for my children because we were made to feel very welcome and the school handled all our questions with respect and understanding.
The Principal and the teachers at Ryan International School have provided a multi- dimensional platform for my children to experiment as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences. Their optimistic behavior towards any situation they handle is a testimony to the values and skills being imbibed through the teachings, encouragement and emotional support from the staff and management. Schools such as Ryan International are going to provide future leaders due to the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children, which is refreshingly different. My children are very good examples of “unbundling” of their hidden talents. At RYAN both of them have truly developed into all–rounders.”

Mr. Praveen V K - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Mr. Praveen V K

It’s wonderful to see our daughter Pooja Praveen grow from a bud to a flower. Ryan School has helped in developing her character, talents and various skills, not only academically but also excelling in various other areas like sports and cultural activities. It has been a great experience to watch my daughter become more independent and confident at such an early age. We are very impressed with the way the school has grown from strength to strength, year after year. Credit to school management and their teachers for their unstinting support always. She participated in the Ryan Teencamp which was indeed a fantastic experience. It helped her to overcome stage fear and taught how to perform with confidence and boldness while on stage, and more than anything it taught her to manage things on my own and to never depend upon anybody in life. Thank you Ryan for the awesome experience for my child.

Ms. Nidhi Singh - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Nidhi Singh

By the grace of God this most awaited moment came to my life.. Thank you god my loved ones and big thanks to our wonderful teachers. This would not have been possible without your guidance and support. A special thanks to the Teachers and Principal . And all the lovely teachers, this achievement belongs to you all. I still remember when he joined this school, he used to be a shy and introverted person. He had difficulties speaking in public, and today, he’s standing on stage to give a speech and receiving an award that would not have been possible without these ideal teachers' guidance. He has improved a lot with your guidance. He is more confident now and he seems more interested in different activities. I hope he continues to become a better person everyday. Dear teachers a special thanks for caring, for love and tenderness; your patience and generosity and boundless thoughtfulness. You all imprint lives forever in our hearts and in our minds; I want to thank you all from the bottom of my Heart As a mother, it is a proud moment for me. I am immensely happy about my kid’s achievement.
I pray that he continues to climb the ladder of success.

Dr. Kailash - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Dr. Kailash

In the first place, we sincerely appreciate the honest effort of the management and teachers of Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur to start the online program for the kids during this SARS- CoV2 lockdown. Though we practice our own study material for him and engage him in household activities, indoor games etc. many a times boredom struck him. These online classes are a boom to my kid and fill the lacunae to keep him actively engaged. Generally dullness prevails more in afternoon hours. Timings of online classes are perfect that it fills the flatness to keep him actively engaged. Always it takes a couple of weeks for the kids to settle down whenever a new session begins. These classes will relieve the additional pressure on the kids when school reopens. And most importantly these classes have inculcated discipline and self responsibility in him during this lockdown.

Ms. Vinika Chugh - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Vinika Chugh

I Would like to express my thanks for your support that you have given to my children in their academics and overall development. I have realised that the school is taking care of each and every child and helping children to be successful in their future endeavours. From the day one my children enjoyed each and every class and used to look forward to going to school everyday. I really appreciate the way in which the teachers helped my both kids. Parikshit Chugh and Gaurangi Chugh became good scorers in exams but also in developing a keen liking for their subjects. I also thank you for encouraging them to participate in the class activities which they both thoroughly enjoyed. I would also like to thank Principal Mam, as you have been personally paying attention and taking care of children's educational needs. Ryan school is not only taking care of the students' academics but their overall development. A big thanks to the Principal Mam, Academic Coordinators and Teachers.