Parents Corner - Ryan Group



Ms. Vijayalakshmi Karthi - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Vijayalakshmi Karthi

I write to applaud the tremendous effort that has been going into the various aspects of coordination of so many activities that are currently happening in school. Truly amazing and have a complete “wow” element attached. I chose Ryan International school for my children because we were made to feel very welcome and the school handled all our questions with respect and understanding.
The Principal and the teachers at Ryan International School have provided a multi- dimensional platform for my children to experiment as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences. Their optimistic behavior towards any situation they handle is a testimony to the values and skills being imbibed through the teachings, encouragement and emotional support from the staff and management. Schools such as Ryan International are going to provide future leaders due to the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children, which is refreshingly different. My children are very good examples of “unbundling” of their hidden talents. At RYAN both of them have truly developed into all–rounders.”


Ms. Priyadarshini - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Priyadarshini

I Spent 2 years of teaching at Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur. RIS had a conclusive atmosphere for learning. They always stood by their vision of having a holistic approach to teaching. We as teachers were encouraged and given a platform to showcase our creative & enhanced teaching method with respect to the management process and guidelines. The Principal always focused on instilling the right values, Discipline and integrity amongst us Teachers. In RIS, Sriperumbudur the focus has always been on upskilling the skills and for which various workshops and seminars were conducted.
In the morning assembly we always use to set the tone of the day both for the teachers and for the students with energy and zeal. I spend the most cherishable time of my years in RIS Sriperumbudur. My key takeaway would be teamwork and facing challenges with stride.

Ms Sribala Ganesh Raj - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Sribala Ganesh Raj

Ryan - Excellence in Education and All round development. An Angelic and refined place where learning takes place. The journey at Ryan has been extremely splendid. Ryan has taught me 3 D’s - Discipline, Derotroire and Dedication. Ryan has made me view life in a conspicuous way. Ryan has been a flamboyant platform of making me exhibit myself with self aplomb. Ryan has made me sangfroid and to overcome all insuperable obstacles with intrepidity. It has taught me to plan and execute tasks in a meticulous and a conscientious way. It is a bodacious place where work is carried out exuberante and exultation. Ryan has trained me to face arduous and strenuous situations with equanimity. I extend my reguital to our Respected Chairman Sir Dr. A. F. Pinto a man of erudition and an unstinting philanthropist and Our Respected Director Madam, Dr. Grace Pinto an ingenious mentor for providing me an opulent opportunity to work in this esteemed potent Institution. I feel extremely elated and it is a matter of self gratification that RIS Chennai has won the International School Awards by British Counciland has been ranked second by the Education World. RIS has given me a bodacious and a frabjous opportunity to have memorable moments to spend with sedulous students. The journey at RIS has been truly an awe inspiring resplendent and an exquisite one. I am indeed proud to be a part of this classy institution.

Ms.Ambili Balachandran - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Ambili Balachandran

Being in the Ryan family is a different environment than I have ever experienced and it is unique. It has made me feel love, supported and delighted from the day one onwards. I feel honoured to work with such professional and positive people. Teachers here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality and an excellence in Education and all round development. Our founder's vision itself emphasizes the same. Every Ryanite is a King and Queen in making . Students are getting a learning environment that is adaptable and flexible facilitating potential changes in the higher education pattern. The school has given me an opportunity to experience the leadership quality and how as a team we can work towards improvisation and learning to become effective and efficient.

Ms.Latha - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Latha

I needed a job and thought I might want to be a teacher. I was given the opportunity to work as a teacher at RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Sriperumbudur. I never imagined how a job would shape me both personally and professionally into the person who I am today, but it certainly did. In these nine years, I had benefitted lot from the countless workshops and seminars. The positive evaluations I have received from my Principals and support teachers has developed my abilities and skills professionally. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on the training I received to help me with a management situation or improve my lesson presentation. The workshops have helped me feel more confident in my ability to support students and interact with the staff to build a positive relationship. In addition to benefiting professionally, it has helped me in my personal life as well. When you are dealing with people it’s all about communication, and I feel I have improved the way I communicate with everyone. The training I received is valuable and I am often reminded of how lucky I was to have been able to be a part of RYAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP. I will continue to apply the valuable teachings to every aspect of my life.

Ms Sheril - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Sheril

Ryan International school is a great institution with various platforms to express your talents not just as a student but also a teacher. I entered this platform with great expectations and in return. I have received more than my expectations, from friendly colleagues and a wonderful work atmosphere, everything is just the way it should be.
The creative minds of the young Ryanites have inspired me with various new and innovative concepts of teaching methods. My timeline here was short, yet very sweet. This is my 8th year of service at Ryan International School. The workshops and training programs rendered by the school have provided me with confidence, imaginative thinking and an experienced learning which is extremely a great attitude.
The work experience here has given me a cognitive way of thinking and the guidance from my co-workers, co-ordinators and our principal. I have achieved a lot and am using the techniques and methods as a part of my daily life. I am grateful to be a staff of this institution and give the school the best of my ability.