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Ms. Kaviya V - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. Kaviya V

My journey at Ryan, Sriperumbudur had been an amazing and a joyful one. I had serpent 4 years, since class 7. Though it seems to be a long time spending there, it looked as if my journey had just started. School is a place where everyone would find their hidden talents, and so did I. I discovered my abilities and talents as a good speaker, an artist, and much more. Using each and every opportunity given is essential as it helps prove your talent and true ability. Good competition among classmates and of my own interest made me study well. My first milestone was becoming the leader of opposition, of the school parliament. It boosted my confidence several fold. From that onwards, I had received awards each year for All Rounder and at last, crowned as Princess, the greatest milestone, awarded by our Respected Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto. Teachers form the foundation of our success in studies. Teachers have played an important role in my life. They encouraged me to every stage and helped me all the way long. My Principal Mrs. Sumitha Christopher took care of us like a second mother. Everyone's journey is incomplete without friends and family. They form the support of our life. Friends are always present to motivate and inspire us. They always boost up our energy. They accommodate an important page of my life, whom I could never forget. Overall it was an unforgettable journey.

Ms. M.S. Shrutika - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. M.S. Shrutika

My school life is just about to end! I'm a low key excited for college. We are all worried about our results! But it's ok to calm down. It will be fine. Everything is just a part of life and I assure you that the best time of everyone's life is “School Life”. My School Journey started in Ryan International School (panvel) and I had joined Ryan Chennai for my 7th grade and completed successfully 10th grade. Best part of Ryan is that students are not only imparted with a seed of knowledge but also with all the extra curricular activities. Which makes students explore themselves in the field which they are good at . I am happy to testify myself saying that the school has given me an opportunity to represent myself as “Environment Minister” and I have developed amazing bounding with our mother nature. We celebrate World Environment Day and we make visits to nearby places to plant saplings and spread awareness.
Ryan School has not only given a stage but also built many moral values within students. Our School follows 12 visions of our Respected Chairman Sir. Where they touch each and every corner of our life. Ryan Follows a good culture of surrendering everything into the hand of Almighty before we start up a new activity/assignment. We are the 1st batch of 10th who came out with flying colours producing 100% Result. I feel proud to say that I’m a RYANITE

Ms. S J Prathayanka - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. S J Prathayanka

Memories are the best part of everyone's life. Good memories are the experience and bad memories are the lessons we learn and the place where I learnt and gained is RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ,SRIPERUMBUDUR. Though I studied for only 5 years, it's the place where i learnt to live, the place where i gained knowledge, and found the best in me. The one and only reason behind these reasons are the teachers. They mould the students in such a way it brings the best within them.the experience was entirely new and different to me but that was a good difference! they bring out practical things so that we enjoy doing it. and the best was THE RYAN PARLIAMENT in which the whole process is carried out in a more realistic way so that we understand what the real parliament is.Being the first batch were taken special care by the teachers.And I would really appreciate our principal as she fulfilled all our needs and was by our support till the end. every time I enter the school it gives out the positive energy and it has got the relaxed ambience with every facility availed.Our chairman sir's motto "EACH ONE PLANT ONE" is the best of all, they greet the guest with a plant sapling taking a step to save our environment.The school promotes all activities to make the children an overall developed one.The school follows our chairman's twelve vision which makes it stand unique. The vision includes discipline, cleanliness , knowledge and many more that are essential for the best character of a student.And this year i complete my school life and I'm proud to say I'm a RYANITE. I sincerely thank the Principal and all the teachers who moulded me as a good human being to face this society and thanks to Ryan to fill my life with those good memories.

Ms. G Varunavi - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. G Varunavi

My school days are unforgettable and in fact those days are the happiest and fruitful days. I proudly feel that I cherished every moment of my school. It brings me joy upon recalling the memories I made here. I feel so lucky to be a part of this prestigious institution. Ryan is a place where I discovered my hidden talents and gave me a platform to exhibit it. So I would like to share my experience with you, because something left unsaid is worthless in time.
Just like everyone, even I had many thoughts during my first few weeks of my high school, about my career and how to cope up with academics since it’s a giant leap from eighth to ninth grade. My hard work, perseverance and confidence helped me to overcome this fear. To be honest. “Board Exams” sounded scary at first. But from my experience, it’s damn easy provided you are well prepared. Start preparing from day 1. Try your level best not to get distracted by other factors which affect your studies.
Spend time but don’t get swayed by others. Stay focused. Never consider studies as a burden. Study for the sake of acquiring knowledge not just for marks. Develop the habit of self studying and believe in yourself. Many asked about the secret of my study tactics. I replied with a smile, “Be attentive in class, read the lessons intensely, prepare your own notes, practice examples and at last solve as many question papers as possible.
There are many people behind my success. First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to Chairman Sir and Director Madam Dr. Grace for motivating and remembering us in their prayers and for helping us to manage time by giving us a time table. Next I thank my pillars of Support and Guidance, Principal Mam, Teachers for being a constant support and never letting me collapse and making me reach greater heights. Last my boosters friends and family, especially my parents for guiding me throughout and for never giving up on me. Without them, I won’t be in the place where I am today. Wishing you all the best of luck and remember, without hard work nothing prospers.

Ms. K B. Nakshatra - Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur

Ms. K B. Nakshatra

I am a proud Ryanite. Ms. K B Nakshatra wanted to thank our honorable Chairman Sir and Director Madam for providing such quality education with much importance on all round development. On a whole, the cruise of my journey through class 10th could be summarized as ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. We are blessed immensely with our benevolent Principal mam who was and is mentoring us round the clock. She tracked our progress and always prompted us to score better when our grades reduced due to lack of confidence. Our Teachers from day 1 cosseted us for each and every step. It was at first very difficult for us to understand the exact diegesis of board exams and preparation. Their words induced confidence in myself and my potential. Our school never nagged us by telling us the difficulties of the boards, instead they made us cosy by telling us the easement of the exams which removed the so-called ‘ exam fear’ or wanted mental stress regarding our exams. Scoring well in exams doesn’t demand all of our time consumed only in studying , but few explicit hours of perfect study with utmost attentiveness is more than enough. We must steer clear of doltish errors which needs tremendous practice. Students must also solve as many previous years papers as possible with uncompromising time limits. Never stress out so much on boards as it is just another exam which is publicized to all. Encapsulating all. I believed in myself that I can and I did. Self confidence is the formula to success. Concentration is the succor for winning. When both go hand in hand I am sure any one can reach their desired result. Also hardwork has no surrogate. Smart work is not always reliable. Something's always behests hard work, Exams and reaching the goal always behests hard work. Therefore self confidence, concentration and hard work along with perfect synchronization of the support from my aren't, encouragement from my teachers and adoration of our principal helped us succeed and will also help me to achieve greater heights in the fullness of time.