Ryan E-Learning: Ryanites Study From Home

Introducing Ryan E-Learning: Ryanites Study From Home

Ryan student learning online from a tablet

The present times make staying safe at home the first priority!

We want nothing more than to know that our Ryan community and everyone in the country are healthy and safe. We hope that all families are following Government directives and staying indoors. We encourage each and every member of the Ryan community – students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, partners and associates – to take measures to stay safe, secure and healthy at all times.

Ensuring our student’s learning continues despite challenges, introducing Ryan E-learning programmean online alternative to the classroom for teaching students and engaging with parentsRyan International Group of Schools has started e-learning classes for students in Grades X and XII. We will be extending these online classrooms from Grades Mont to IX over the next few days.

Here are some details about the context and structure of Ryan E-learning program.

The online education programme involves engaging students on a daily basis through

  • A fixed schedule in the form of a weekly/daily timetable
  • Online and live teaching by subject teachers across grades 6 to 12 over the next few days
  • Reference material in the form of presentations, videos prepared by teachers, worksheets and assignments uploaded on Ryan Parent App
  • Online periodic tests to check understanding and engagement
  • Recording of sessions and classes for future reference

Ryan Group’s Principals and Teachers support the e-learning by 

  • Monitoring the quality of online learning content
  • Providing a balance of learning experiences
  • Making learning accessible to all children
  • Tracking children’s attendance
  • Feeding back on submitted tasks via MCB
  • Ensuring a consistent and progressive approach through the school

Ryan Parent supporting her child during Ryan E-learning Lecture

There is so much that parents can do to facilitate and assist your child’s learning at home. Here are some actions we recommend parents take

  • Provide an environment conducive to learning (access to technology, safe and quiet space during daytime)
  • Provide your child with the necessary hardware – desktop, laptop, tablet etc
  • Ensure uninterrupted WiFi / Internet connectivity when it is required
  • Download assignments and other study material; ensure submission deadlines are understood and adhered to
  • Monitor time spent engaging in online and offline learning
  • Assist with the school-work, especially younger learners and learners in primary school
  • Understand and accept that e-learning will take a few days for everyone to settle into.
  • Stay positive, constructive and supportive at all times
  • Support emotional balance by providing ample room and time for reflection, physical activity, conversation, and play

The Ryan International Group is making all efforts to ensure that our students learning continues despite the challenging times.

Ryan Editorial Team