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Ryan E-learning Program – Here’s What Parents Are Saying.. | Behind The Scenes

As schools are shut and studies are interrupted due to Coronavirus pandemic, Ryan E-learning Classes have opened up a new window for students, where they can continue to study while sitting safely at home.

Talking to Money Contol, Ryan Pino, CEO – Ryan International Group of Schools, explained that the Ryan Group got off the block in March, to ensure continuity of the teaching-learning process using online classes.

Our past experience with learning technologies with Microsoft and Google, as also our in-house tool PLATO (Personal Learning & Assessment Tool) helped us in this. We also noticed a good rate of attendance among the students, with above 85 % from Montessori to Grade 12.Ryan Pinto (CEO, Ryan Group)

Ryanites learning the 21st Century way

Amid this lockdown, Ryan students are not only following their social responsibility of ‘Social Distancing’, but they are studying and attending lectures, just like any other day

Here are some glimpses of our students enjoying the interactive online classes.

Parents speak about Ryan’s E-Learning Program!

The best teamwork comes from teachers who are working independently toward one goal in unison and that is making sure that students don’t miss out on their studies via online education platforms.

With that said, here’s what our Parents and Ryanites have to say about the 21st century way of teaching and learning!

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