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St. Xavier’s High School, Ravigram, Raipur is an ICSE Montessori-XII co-ed school established in the year 1992. The school's mission is to help students achieve 360-degree development by providing adequate support and proper infrastructure with a vision of creating successful global citizens within its community. St. Xavier’s High School, Ravigram, is known to be one of the best ICSE schools in Raipur.

About Principal

Dr. Dilsheed Manchanda

The school is the place where the future is nurtured and groomed. As life today is highly competitive and excellence is the need of the hour, the role of the school becomes all the more important. At St. Xavier’s High School Raipur, we realize our responsibility as educators. In today’s increasingly globalized World, school education cannot be limited to classroom academics. Under the guidance of our chairman sir Dr. A.F. Pinto and Managing Director Madam Dr Grace Pinto, we stress on all round development where students are provided with opportunities to bring out the best in them. We provide our students with the platform to express their views and showcase their talents.

At St Xavier’s Raipur, learning is a perfect blend of scholastic and co- scholastic activities. Technology cannot be separated from education today. Audio-visual learning through smart classes has been woven into the fabric of academics.

Our teachers strive to inculcate strong values in students so that in pursuit of excellence they don’t lose sight of their roles as human beings. As the principal , I can say with pride that students who pass out from St. Xavier’s Raipur are well equipped to take over the world and bring the change desired.

    Why parents should choose ST. Xavier’s High School, Raipur

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    Grooms responsible worthy citizens- At St. Xavier’s School Raipur, students realize their roles as members of a global village and that their every action has an impact on the world as a whole. They are groomed to be responsible citizens who can make a difference to the society. Students are nurtured with loving care in a vigilant atmosphere. At St. Xavier’s Raipur, children are in safe hands.

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    Ambience conducive to learning– Though located in the heart of the city, the school is far from the noise and atmosphere of buzzing city-life. The ambience is calm, and the campus is spacious, with lots of trees. It is relaxed and visually appealing.

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    Classrooms spacious and well-lit - The classrooms are spacious, with natural sunlight, and good amenities. School building is well planned with good architectural features that provide good ventilation in all classrooms.

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    Values are given supreme importance– Honesty, sincerity, empathy, compassion and philanthropy are considered far more important compared to personal benefit. This importance laid on human virtues gets reflected in the behavior and attitude of the students.

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    Highly qualified management with strong principles- The members of the school management lay importance on academic excellence as they are themselves highly qualified. Their deep faith in God keeps the students grounded and far from evils.

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    Vigilant teachers with child centric approach– Teachers pay attention to discipline and quality of education imparted along with all round development of the children. They are concerned about the child and keep parents informed about the performance of the child.

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    State of Art infrastructure and facilities - The infrastructure is very good and the vast playground is an added asset which is appealing to every child. The school has appropriate educational tools and facilities and at the same time provides exposure in various sports at the national and international levels.

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    Secure and Organized - St Xavier’s High School Raipur is secure and organized. It is essential that a child feels safe to perform better and dream big. This school provides the children with a safe environment where they can learn, share, play and grow without a worry. The school is well organized and hence free from any kind of confusion. The members of the staff are always ready to assist.

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    Goal Orientation - Goal orientation in children is inculcated early in life. Through various activities students recognize their talents, abilities and passions. Teachers guide the students to recognize their dreams and get determined to pursue their goals.

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    A mix of experienced veteran and enthusiastic new teacher – The school has a good number of highly qualified, experienced veterans, as also dynamic new teachers who work together creating a perfect balance of traditional and modern innovative teaching- learning atmosphere. The vast experience of the veterans blends with the creativity and enthusiasm of the new to make school education more engrossing.


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